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Thursday, 31 December 2015

My favourite posts on my blog :) :)

      I felt so sorry for not being here on my blog for a while but today I made my time to write here. :)
       Today is the last day of the year and I started my blog on the first day of this year, 1st January 2015. *Happy* 
               On this auspicious moment I want to recollect my favourite posts on my blog .

1.Pain behind the pearl and struggle behind its shine
              This is the first short story written by me. If  you want to get inspired read it.
          Continue reading here

2.Hey......hey.... I had wings [Do Little things with loads of love]
            (Do Little things with loads of love and Stay in your friend's heart forever)
        Now a day’s our calendars are dotted with busy schedules, watches on our hands are running very fast. The pit stops to meet our friends would have been few and far between. 
Sometimes there maybe no chances to meet them but I have one idea by this we can meet our lovable friends *Through our heart* *With our thoughts*. Just take some time from your watch and remember some childhood memories which are very close to your heart. Definitely you feel very delightful with that. Continue reading here 

                       If you want to know about my crazy actions- you must read this *Wink*
  As a dreamer I wish to do so many things. I'm listing here some of them. *Loony*
I can get into all the details with in it, on the condition you don’t collapse , okay? Okay. Continue reading here.... 

                        I love this story very much and I wrote it with tear filled eyes. Umm....
Every time when I start to pen down here, I always choose to be very waggish but today I'm continuing with a straight sort of face.
The story goes like this,
Mother                A woman, who gave her entire life to brought up her son. She went through so many hurdles and gave him the best position in this society. Now, she was leading her life very happily, under the roof of her son’s house.  One day, she was playing with her grand children; her son sat near to her couch and has been waiting to say something to her. She asked her son “Is there any problem?”..He said “no”, but as a mother she noticed that he wants to say something to her.
And the conversation went like this, 
                                                Continue reading here..... 
                               This is the best ever letter written by me read it......feel it.
Loving Dad and Mom
         Today I'm going to write a letter huh....yeah! a love letter to my loving Dad and Mom …through this……I want to express my love and gratitude towards them, they are my Mentors……they are my world. At this starting moment only I got tears of love in my eyes and I know, tears may roll down on my cheeks till I finish this letter (umm.....*true*)…….

  Thank you for reading.......wish you A Happy Happy New year :) :) see you soon in the next year *Giggles*   
Okay....Okay...... I'm getting ready to go for the church,
                                      in the mean while I wrote it ya ....see you :) :)  
With New year swing
Vinny Evelyn             

Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas swing :) :)

            Yayyyyyy.........Christmas season started and I'm enjoying each bit of it. Early morning prayers, Singing Christmas carols are my favourite things. Till now every Day is going just perfect. To do stuff I like much,to Laze around, be like a total couch potato. But When it comes to Christmas season I just became more active and sparkling yeah! During this Christmas season I woke up at 4:15 am to attend prayer in our church [oh! Dear reader!I know you are saying, "such a good habit you have"] and infant If I tell you when would I woke up on the days other than Christmas season, you will definitely took back your compliment . So I'm not revealing it. Haha....... ;)  *Wink* *Giggles*
                                     If you ask me, what is your favourite season ?
                                        My answer is definitely Christmas season
My best loved thing to do is decorating Christmas tree with crafts made by me. This time God gave me huge time to enjoy this Christmas season. Morning walks with family to reach the church, looking at pleasant sky, glittering stars, glowing moon, chilled air wow....I'm enjoying all these best things. 

    I'm adding the photograph of our Christmas tree decorated by me and my sis........ 

                 The sweetest thing is visiting every's house in our region with our Sunday school batch and wishing every one saying, "Happy ......happy Christmas"..... "Merry ...Merry Christmas". [I love saying these wishes loudly with our little cute Sunday school batch]. I look so calm and reserved but when you see me with kids, you will definitely throw out all these assumptions and says she was soooooo crazy.....haha *Wink*   

                    And wishing all of you, "Have a wonderful Christmas season"  
With Christmas swing,
Vinny Evelyn                                    

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Hyderabad- the city of dreams

      Hyderabad , the city filled with many dreams. It is one of  the extra special notable historic city in India in my view. And best thing is , it's design. It is built on love and every monument, each temple, every church, every mosque, and every bazaar what not everything in this city are designed with love.The roots for the city's blooming is love!....... Yeah! According to the history  Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, ruler of Qutb Shahi dynasty, chosen this city and named it "Bhaganagar" after Bhāgmathi, with whom he had fallen in love. She was converted to Islam and adopted the title Hyder Mahal. The city was renamed Hyderabad in her honour. 
                   Perfectly Hyderabad is the city with the fusion of traditional culture as well as filled with trendy life styles. And the city warmly welcomes everyone with so much love. 
        Hyderabad is the city that has a beautiful design to welcome everyone of us.
                             It is the city that can drive our passion.
                             It is the city that connects our dreams with reality.
                    I love to drive  around the city and always wish to visit every historic place in the city, these historic places immensely connects us with the culture and take back into the history. Lets start with Charminar a global icon , centrepiece of the city. It is an humble indication of the power of prayer, Muhammad Quli Qutb Shahhad prayed with faith for the end of a plague that was devastating his city and vowed to build a Mosque at the very place where he prayed. So, Charminar was built to commemorate the eradication of plague.
                 Then Golkonda, which is situated 11 kilometres  west to Hyderabad.Golkonda consists of four distinct forts with a  long wide outer wall with number of royal apartments and halls inside. The fringe are through which we enter is Victory gate, studded with giant iron spikes. In this area we can experience tremendous acoustic effect, one of the  the marvels work in Golkonda. If we hand clap at this entrance it will re-echo and can be heard clearly at the  pavilion, the highest point almost a kilometer away. This worked as a warning note to the royals in case of an attack those days.
         HITECH city,Information TechnologyEngineeringHealth informatics, and Bioinformatics hub in the city. Every student will dream to start their career in this hub. And the Tank Bund,  dam on Hussain Sagar lake, connects the twin cities  Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It has become an attraction with 33 statues of famous people of such as Rudrama Devi, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Alluri Sita Rama Raju etc. And in this area we will see parks like Sanjeevaiah Park, NTR Gardens.
                     Shopping is the one of my favourite thing to do in Hyderabad specially I love the bangles designed in charminar area. Hyderabad, city of pearls. If you love pearls just choose to shop in this city itself because which will offer pure pearls. we will see best jewellery designs and products such Kalamkari paintings and artefacts, bidriwarelacquer bangles.
With smiles, 


Friday, 4 December 2015

Me as Notable Newbie on Blog adda :) :) *Yahhuuuu!*

I'm putting down my words here with Huge..Huge..... smile on my face. 
                The best gift I got in this Christmas season is, the Notable Newbie Award from Blog adda. It was really my pleasure to be there on their home page as Notable newbie. I was humbled to receive this lovely title. Thank you BlogAdda for giving me such a sweet title.
         Like every blogger I dreamed to be hosted as Notable newbie now it was miraculously realized.Really this humble recognition definitely uplift my passion to the core.
      I wanna thank each and every my fellow blogger friends and every visitor for availing your time to visit my space and for encourage me! A big thank you to all the silent readers of my blog! Sure you people are here reading out my blog ;) ;)
Yayyyyyyy! I would be featuring on BlogAdda homepage now!! *Little spin with the joy* 
Link to the Home page of blog adda: http://www.blogadda.com/
         Much thanks to BlogAdda team for giving me this honour.

With Love ,

Healthy ladoo

Written for : http://sugarfree-india.com/      Do visit: http://sugarfree-india.com/

Just enjoy the sweetness with New sugar free natura diet sugar :
        Today I thought differently, yeah I want to write a preparation procedure for my favourite healthy laddu. [You have to taste it, to know why I like that laddo.
            The only recipe for which I know the procedure to prepare. It is very easy to prepare and very tasty too. 

            Everyone of us love sweets but we restrict ourself to eat them because of it's high sugar content and calorie issues. After watching New sugar free natura diet sugar advertisement,I got an intelligent thought.
          Sugar free natura is a low calorie sugar substitute,this sugar free substitutes are used  instead of  the sugar to avoid the extra calories. And I prepared my favourite laddu with this New sugar free natura diet sugar  .

Bombay rava-1 Cup 
Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar– 1/3 Cup 
Grated Fresh Coconut - 1 Cup 
Cardamom powder – 2 teaspn
Almonds – 7 

Cashew – 7 

Low fat milk  for Binding   

Every ingredient used in this laddu preparation is healthy and  in fact, I'm using Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar so, there is no issues like diet control . We could happily eat 2-4 ladoos haha......
  You can prepare this laddu with in 15 mins and it is a very slime procedure like as simple as boiling milk. Haan! true yaa give it a try .
Heat a pan on stove and fry Bombay rava for 5min on low flame. Make sure to roast rava finely. To ensure this,keep stirring continuously. Just roast it until it turns into light golden brown colour.

 Heat the ghee in a pan and add the cashew nuts and almonds keep the flame low .And chap them into small pieces

Now fry grated fresh coconut powder.Don't fry it soo deep. 

Take the suger free sweetner in a separate bowl and add rava, Grated fresh coconut, cardamom powder, chapped almonds and cashew nuts on low flame add milk according to the requirement. 

Then rolle it into the shape of ladoos using milk.  

Preparation time: 15 min
Done! As I said, the whole process of making rava laddu took only 15 minutes .
      Ladoos in those images are prepared by me of course with the guidance of my Mom. In fact this the first recipe made by be and luckily I started my cooking with a sweet. Hope you like it . 

          I just messaged these photographs to my friends with a caption 'prepared by me'. After seeing those pictures they messaged me back saying that "don't fool us vinny. By adding caption 'prepared by me' will never cheat us give credits to aunty. we know they are prepared by your Mom. 

             Haan..... "I managed everything perfectly but how they got the truth is the biggest question to me. Just leave it behind."  Don't believe them they are the killers of my talent. Any way recipe credits to my Mom.
         It was such an easy procedure to prepare na ...... Just enjoy the sweetness without sugar with New sugar free natura diet sugar . You will definitely love it. Just try it. And enjoy the festive season.
With smiles,
Vinny Evelyn.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Heart speaks -

Just the other day, I sat in the couch holding my tab,flipping its cover and thinking OMG its November so soon. Is this time has wings?  
            Suddenly, someone shouted out with glee saying “countdown begins”...... "Countdown begins" dropping little hint.I started thinking and didn't conformed until I checked my phone for the date then I realized, Ho!my Gosh! already Christmas season started. Where the hell was I ? is there is no time to notice it? .The answer to that is, right here, distracted by career life, being tremendously happy even if there was nothing to be happy about (Well! I think It’s cool enough), keeping my life cheerful even after showing it's worst face. 
   I wondered! Every year I spend huge time even before starting Christmas season,  on practising carols, planning to decorate our house, buying Christmas decors for my favorite Christmas tree, hanging much more time on making Christmas crafts but this year it was terribly different. I don’t know the exact reason.  
             Suddenly I heard someone again cheering “countdown begins”.  
 I put away my thinking and asked her,  
Me:  Who are you? Why are you yelling like this? please don't disturb me. *Wearied* 
She: Ho! Dear Vinny! stop thinking and start the season with great joy. 
Me:  I didn't know the reason. I was not so excited this year. Yeah! love to celebrate but..... 
She: [Interrupting me] Vinny! I know you from your first day on this earth. You never be like this throughout all these years. You always wears chilled smile on your face. 
 Of course! I'm seeing smile on your face but it's not from your heart I think. 
Me: [I wondered how she would know about me and my story] Yeah! I was so dishearten about everything. Nothing worked the way I want it to be especially when it comes to dreaming or desiring. I felt like jumping to 2016 without living the whole month of December. 
She: Little cute Girl! Never think like that baby. Everything has it's own reason. 
Me: Ho! My tired wearied face looking cute to you. Am I looking like little girl? 
          Ok! I accept you, then tell me the reason? [I asked like an angry bird]  
She: Haha [laughed out loud]. Your desires not have been neglected. They have been modernising giving new path to your life. I see you from the day one, I never find you like this even for a single moment. Where is your positive attitude? where is your confidence? God gave you success in every bit of your life, where is its power? why are you setting boundaries to your smiles?  
         She whispered, Just stop thinking and worrying about everything. Be happy. Thankful for what you have. Always hold Hope, Faith, Thrust in your heart.  
 All those whisperings are from my heart. Yeah! And that she in this conversation is my heart. 
             And I started thinking. I felt ridiculous that I was being so feeble and I decided no matter how bad this year was to me,Trust me from that moment I started to push the negative shit into the bin and started to think positive, most of the time we keep thinking about the things we lack, and never realize about the best we have.  
            I decided to accept everything specially my career issue. I've had my own set of bad days all through but I do know I gained strength above all. I have been moulding myself according to God’s will.    
       And I remembered every word written by me in one of my blog post  
   "Life sometimes coaches us brilliant lessons yet we fail to heed.  Every day you may woke up with some regrets weighing down on your shoulders. It’s not the size, shape, weight or quantity that counts but how well you carry them and how many times you tried to defeat it and made affords to stand strong on your feet. When you feel every trial bouncing off your ceiling, instead nursing your pain, just wink and smile at the difficulty and say "hey difficulty I definitely turn you as my achievement" and find freedom in choosing to cling, to your faith, hope and trust on our God. Just believe that He’s preparing something really beautiful for you to have. Today's struggle is definitely sign of tomorrows shine."   
            I have learned amazing lessons and each time I only found restoration in my faith. purposely moved myself into delightful chain of events. 
            Now I'm back with powerful strength and became crazy Vinny with Christmas mood. And started practising carols, planned to make my Christmas tree more elegant than previous year. Not only Christmas tree but also my attitude towards life. Accepting everything in a positive way. 
                                                   Finley Vinny is back. 
                  Haan! True! Dear sweet reader. Hope you had a blessed year.  Be blessed and stay blessed. Happy Christmas season. Have huge fund of smiles.  

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