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Saturday, 24 January 2015


           As a dreamer I wish to do so many things. I'm listing here some of them. *Loony*
I can get into all the details with in it, on the condition you don’t collapse , okay? Okay.

 The first one:

When I look at the sky, I always wish for some extra stars in the sky.

I want to share one conversation about my wish,
             After getting this thought, I rang phone to my bestie, phone's ringing (I kept thinking how beautiful my idea was and kept saying yee...heeee.......hoooo ) she lifted the phone.

Friend: Ha! Vinnnnn.........  interrupts

 Me : Heyyyyyyyy! Yeeeee........I wish for some stars in the sky. *smiles*

Friend:  Uff....you lazy potato. Final exams are on the board to start but you are thinking about stars........ (with loud voice) Just wait up there...... I will show more stars to you....I'm coming to your home....

Me: Huh! Nay! (She was like a tutor to me.....she even don't give break time to me by pushing all the stuff to read)(I need more breaks than studying ha....ha....)

After 15 mins she landed with so many books and thrown away every book on my face saying, "ooooo you wish for some extra stars".............. I'm giving extra books to you just read them and then think about stars.
Boo hoo :(
         To me the idea of studying is like, butterflies in my stomach. ( All of my friends think that, I always read but my besties only know, how lazy I'm to read subject books shhh.... )
Me: Boo hoo :(                                                          

Friend: *Laughs*
     Moral: Don't ever share your wishes with your bestie, You may book yourself like me*Kidding*.

 The second one:  

 I always wish to have conversation with moon, most probably the interview. I had ever prepared with the questions to ask.

                             Hello Moon!  Are you ready? ready.
      Here I want to mention one situation ,
                      one day, I'm just waggishly interviewing the moon, by  looking at it,
I started with the question,
Me : Moon! why have you chosen to be in round shape?. ( such a stupid question but I want to ask it yaar)
                            (I'm expecting the answer like-yeah! I want to mirror all your girls faces and for  giving a chance to the poets to compare girls faces with me)
                     But.......But........ a small voice coming from somewhere else , asking that,
             Dear Vinny, Why have you chosen to be soooo Fatty?. (yeah, that's my crazy sis)


 Me: *niggles*

 She: *laughs*
 Moral: Before taking someone's personal interview beware of crazy people around you. (Ha........Ha.....) 

The third one:

                I always have been in the dream of  getting chocolaty in the chocolate rain ( but with the promise of no weight gain). Yeah! If you have chocolate rains especially with cadbury brand ;) Oh my Gosh, we will find chocolate lakes on the earth. There is no need to listen classes from Mom saying that, Don't eat chocolates you are putting on sooooo much weight.
                     By the way I ain't  that much chocolate eater.
                                    But one thing ! I want to say is, If my friends lost their chocolates they first checks my bag but they didn't find it. *true*
And they would found me like this,                                                  
Funny and crazy
                               Me:    *Whispering Slowly* It's in my stomach not in my bag

                               *laughs* *smiles* *laughs* *smiles* and *laughs* and *smiles*

  Hey don't mind! I only steal chocolates from my friends.

 Moral: After stealing, just ate up all the chocolate.
                                    If I continue like this, the list may break at somewhere else.So, I'm breaking my list here. Bye....Bye..........
                  See you soon! With another list of my dreams. Hey! don't Roll your eyes.  hee....hee....
                 With smiles
                 Vinny Evelyn

Monday, 19 January 2015

Hey....Hey....I had wings (Do Little things with loads of love)

                              (Do Little things with loads of love and Stay in your friend's heart forever)
Now a day’s our calendars are dotted with busy schedules, watches on our hands are running very fast. The pit stops to meet our friends would have been few and far between. 
Sometimes there maybe no chances to meet them but I have one idea by this we can meet our lovable friends *Through our heart* *With our thoughts*. Just take some time from your watch and remember some childhood memories which are very close to your heart. Definitely you feel very delightful with that.
                                             Friendship- Together forever.
                 Yesterday I got a thought of going back to my childhood memories, now we have so many friends but the childhood one's remains in our heat forever. This feeling is not the first encounter with my thoughts about my friends who took special place, more often I got frozen up by thinking about their care and love showered on me. All these things tempted me to look back and remember one of the best situations I faced in my childhood.
                 Warm, fuzzy memories are great. They usually bring a smile to our face and a little pep to our step and swings in our hearts!..... If I continue like this, it will breakaway elsewhere. 
      When I entered into my school I found one friend, she was very lovable and caring. she was ever close to my heart.
Every time when I look back, I felt like she is my best buddy forever. We may  distended miles apart but I believe that our hearts are filled with friendship that we shared during our school days, togetherness that we enjoyed, jokes we shared and the love we showered on each other.   
               Dear Friend! You may not be my side but every little thing I learnt from you like sharing, giving, kindness , friendship, your advises are always with me and in my heart . And I know you are hoping to meet me.
Here I'm sharing one situation which is very close to my heart:              
    I'm always busy with the habit of reading fairytale stories (Not subject books *Giggles*). This habit of reading landed in a crazy way. 

After reading the story of a Fairy having wings,  as a crazy girl (I'm like very quite looking and innocent girl but with my close friends you will find naughty Vinny;) ha....ha) I got a thought of having my wings. I don’t even slept by thinking about wings. Next day I went to my school and told about my wish to my friend, she was just surprised and tempted to have wings for herself also. (that’s the talent of explaining thing in a right way)
Clover no ;). Ha ha.......
The conversation went in this way,
Me: hey! You know I read the story about fairy it was just amazing. Hey! you know fairy with her wings flies everywhere .*Excitement* 
My friend: ho! *Surprise*
Me: Hey! Hey! I want wings re. If we have wings we will go anywhere to play, we have new friends with wings and we have much more fun.(This explanation flew like a liquid for 15 min.)
My friend: yeah! Vinny! But how?
 Me: I have a plan *Brilliant*. We have to search for the fairies and should ask them to bless us with wings. (I felt this is Brilliant thought in my childhood but now *Giggles*)
My friend: Yeah! Yeah!
Two days we are totally in search for fairies but didn't found even one.
My friend: I don’t have any hope to find fairies maybe they don't exist.
Me: No…..no…. * me with strong voice* I  read it on the book they have wings. They have been living here only..... but hiding from us.
 After few days we vexed with searching
Me:  whatever it may be I want wings.*niggles*
My friend: Hooooo…….definitely. (Actually she wants to fulfil my dream of having wings)*Friendship*
               Then she did like this,  
                This picture is from Google images randomly I got it.               
Those wings may not gave me a chance to fly. But the moment cherished in my heart forever. *Love with togetherness is the best combination to cherish*
                    Now, I can fly with the happiness and with the love of my friend towards me.
 I lost her contact details but I hope that we are going to meet one day with the thread of friendship and togetherness we shared.
                                                                               Friendship- Together forever.
PS: Do little things with lots of love and stay in yours friends heart forever.
                             With Smiles
                              Vinny Evelyn

Monday, 12 January 2015

Pain behind the Pearl and the Struggle behind its shine

Is anyone of you feeling very low by thinking about your troubles in your life it might be the career issue, it might be the study issue and maybe some other. I know most of us go through this rough-phase once, twice, thrice and sometimes like a lot in our life. I felt the same with my career settlement, until I heard this story. We all need this story that keeps us in a right way. Which is also helping me to move on. I'm sharing it with all of you, who are skating on gloominess. For sure after reading this story you will definitely build up some boost of confidence. 
                    Nature! Which is amazingly created by the Lord with so many wonders. Everything in this nature conspires something. Pearl formation is one of the praised secret of the nature. When I took a chance to hold one pearl in my childhood for the first time, after taking a touch on that, I just wondered with it's shimmering iridescence, lustre and soft inner glow . Me as a question bank (always grabbing cluster of questions in my brain ha ha....) I just struck with the questions like how the pearl was made?, how it has that much smooth texture ? etc....etc.
            Now as a science student I figured out the answers to those questions. The greatest answer from me is, just like shell of clam, pearl is the minute crystalline form of calcium carbonate, which has been deposited in concentric layers, until then I listen to the story of pearl by Pastor David. P. Gollapalli brother, after that my thoughts went in a very different way. He narrated the story about the pearl in a unique way. That story has been so touching and played a very important role, as a boost of confidence in my life.
               The story frozen up not only in my brain and also took a way into my heart too. Dear reader don’t look at me with straight face yah.. yah.... I'm heading over to the story.
                  Note:The story maybe somewhat lengthy but worth reading. 
                                (I narrated the story by adding some of  my own views)
Introduction to Oyster shell: Familiarly known as shell in which a miraculous event, that is birth of a pearl, truly happens. Oyster shell was a closed shell without allowing anything into it because, any foreign particle may cause irritation to the shell. 
 Here we go,
     Once there lived an oyster shell, named oyster. It was very elegant with its bright luminant surface as it is always immersed in lucid flow of water. The oyster always plays with the waves of water and sometimes it may comes along with the waves on to the shore . 

                    One day as usual it come across to lie down on the shore, as it is a famous beach which is filled with visitors all over the shore and with the giggling sounds of children. The oyster was enjoying everything around her. Suddenly a big wave took her into the sea, that journey was unusual. Within the blink of an eye oyster was caught up by the big waves and the journey has no stopping’s and meanwhile the oyster noticed that the journey is due to flood. She lost her hope on her life but somewhere with a little hope it was carrying on with the journey and it was also thinking about the people on the shore * Kindness*. During this course of time large wind opened her shell and forcefully the oyster closed herself as it want to take every trail to live in this nature. Finally the waves calm down and the sea came back to its original state.
                The oyster itself felt that “by God’s grace I got my life back”, when it was going back to think about the flood journey, she was feeling something uncomfortable in her shell. Then she went back in to the flashback and noticed that during the journey a grain of sand entered into her shell. She was totally disappointed and due the grain of sand, the discomfort 
turned into pain.
                 The pearl was so sad and started praying for God, Oh God!  why this is happening to a me?  Why only me? Am I not precious to you? Am I a sinner ?
Am I having no right to grab single bit of happiness?

         After lot of prayers God answered her, my dear child! Don’t be afraid of anything. I blessed everyone on this earth with special powers, talents and courage. Just welcome and accept every challenge and Have courage for great sorrows in your life. Use your power and hard work to land the pain into an amazing achievement.     
Definitely our prayers are going to be  answered
in right time
          Oyster tried every possible way to expel the irritant (grain of sand) from her shell but it was failed. Finally it was decided to treat the irritant in a right way and in a defending way.
       It just started producing a layer of smooth viscous liquid, called *“nacre” around the irritant. 
Nacre, which is very smooth gel. It covers every part of irritant and made it to mingle with soft gel in the shell so there is no pain to the shell.
                    Every time when the oyster struggled with pain started producing smooth gel around the irritant again and again.
               The more it struggles, the irritant acquires more and more layers around it until, a very smooth textured thing is formed. Which is now onwards mingled with the soft gel of the oyster shell. The formed smooth structured one is, the precious " pearl"And now then onwards no pain, no struggle due to the irritant as it became part of it.

Then the voice of God gave a message to her saying that,  
        " If you had not accepted the changes and challenges then you will be just an oyster with no pearl and with no importance. The power of your skills may become vain now you became an oyster, who will be in the top, which is precious not only to me but also to every one.
           Now the *God* gave the answers to the questions of oyster, 
               Why only me? ----------------------*Because I chosen you.*
         Am I not precious to you? ---------------*Your more precious than anyone else.*
     Am I a sinner? -------------------------------*No! You’re my lovable child.*
Am I having no right to grab single bit of happiness? -------- *No! You have blessing to enjoy more happiness than you expected.* 

                      Finally from the grain of sand, with the pain, struggle, compassion and hard work of oyster shell, precious pearl is born. Totally the birth of a pearl is truly a secret miraculous event in the nature.
         The more is the pain of the shell, the more is the shine of pearl.
Coming to the point,
        Nature sometimes coaches us brilliant lessons yet we fail to heed. Just close your eyes and replace yourself with the oyster shell and replace grain of sand with the difficulty you are facing now.
         Every day you may woke up with some regrets weighing down on your shoulders. It’s not the size, shape, weight or quantity that counts but how well you carry them and how many times you tried to defeat it and made affords to stand strong on your feet. When you feel every trial bouncing off your ceiling, instead nursing your pain, just wink and smile at the difficulty and say "hey difficulty I definitely turn you as my achievement" and find freedom in choosing to cling, to your faith, hope and trust on our God. Just believe that He’s preparing something really beautiful for you to have. Today's struggle is definitely sign of tomorrows shine.              
                Trust me this story has changed my life, my thinking and my desires. It made me to grow strong in faith and also I own something really beautiful right now – That is Happiness, which is on the board to your heart too- just grab it with your pure heart. Stay blessed and be happy.
                                                                                                                                                                                    With smiles 
            Vinny Evelyn

Thursday, 1 January 2015

My Best Friend


It was amazing to think about my friends and it was more than amazing when I think about my MOM, my best friend who’s with me since I started my life. I thought that she is my Mentor but now I realized that she is not only my Mentor and my best friend too.

 I just wondered by-
  The way she loves me,
  How she gives importance for every bit about my life
  How she cares every step I'm going to take and
  How she supports me even during my hard times.
My mom knows everything that makes me happy and my mom knows the value of every tear I shed. I was just wondered the way she holds my hand to protect me during every move of my life.
       I’m very blessed to have you momma…….!! If you ever seek for a love with no conditions, it’s only a Mother who can give it and nobody else, I bet you on that.

Really the greatest blessing that the God has given to us is, Mom. Love her, Respect her…………. :) :)

With Love
Vinny Evelyn

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