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Saturday, 24 January 2015


           As a dreamer I wish to do so many things. I'm listing here some of them. *Loony*
I can get into all the details with in it, on the condition you don’t collapse , okay? Okay.

 The first one:

When I look at the sky, I always wish for some extra stars in the sky.

I want to share one conversation about my wish,
             After getting this thought, I rang phone to my bestie, phone's ringing (I kept thinking how beautiful my idea was and kept saying yee...heeee.......hoooo ) she lifted the phone.

Friend: Ha! Vinnnnn.........  interrupts

 Me : Heyyyyyyyy! Yeeeee........I wish for some stars in the sky. *smiles*

Friend:  Uff....you lazy potato. Final exams are on the board to start but you are thinking about stars........ (with loud voice) Just wait up there...... I will show more stars to you....I'm coming to your home....

Me: Huh! Nay! (She was like a tutor to me.....she even don't give break time to me by pushing all the stuff to read)(I need more breaks than studying ha....ha....)

After 15 mins she landed with so many books and thrown away every book on my face saying, "ooooo you wish for some extra stars".............. I'm giving extra books to you just read them and then think about stars.
Boo hoo :(
         To me the idea of studying is like, butterflies in my stomach. ( All of my friends think that, I always read but my besties only know, how lazy I'm to read subject books shhh.... )
Me: Boo hoo :(                                                          

Friend: *Laughs*
     Moral: Don't ever share your wishes with your bestie, You may book yourself like me*Kidding*.

 The second one:  

 I always wish to have conversation with moon, most probably the interview. I had ever prepared with the questions to ask.

                             Hello Moon!  Are you ready? ready.
      Here I want to mention one situation ,
                      one day, I'm just waggishly interviewing the moon, by  looking at it,
I started with the question,
Me : Moon! why have you chosen to be in round shape?. ( such a stupid question but I want to ask it yaar)
                            (I'm expecting the answer like-yeah! I want to mirror all your girls faces and for  giving a chance to the poets to compare girls faces with me)
                     But.......But........ a small voice coming from somewhere else , asking that,
             Dear Vinny, Why have you chosen to be soooo Fatty?. (yeah, that's my crazy sis)


 Me: *niggles*

 She: *laughs*
 Moral: Before taking someone's personal interview beware of crazy people around you. (Ha........Ha.....) 

The third one:

                I always have been in the dream of  getting chocolaty in the chocolate rain ( but with the promise of no weight gain). Yeah! If you have chocolate rains especially with cadbury brand ;) Oh my Gosh, we will find chocolate lakes on the earth. There is no need to listen classes from Mom saying that, Don't eat chocolates you are putting on sooooo much weight.
                     By the way I ain't  that much chocolate eater.
                                    But one thing ! I want to say is, If my friends lost their chocolates they first checks my bag but they didn't find it. *true*
And they would found me like this,                                                  
Funny and crazy
                               Me:    *Whispering Slowly* It's in my stomach not in my bag

                               *laughs* *smiles* *laughs* *smiles* and *laughs* and *smiles*

  Hey don't mind! I only steal chocolates from my friends.

 Moral: After stealing, just ate up all the chocolate.
                                    If I continue like this, the list may break at somewhere else.So, I'm breaking my list here. Bye....Bye..........
                  See you soon! With another list of my dreams. Hey! don't Roll your eyes.  hee....hee....
                 With smiles
                 Vinny Evelyn

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