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Thursday, 1 January 2015

My Best Friend


It was amazing to think about my friends and it was more than amazing when I think about my MOM, my best friend who’s with me since I started my life. I thought that she is my Mentor but now I realized that she is not only my Mentor and my best friend too.

 I just wondered by-
  The way she loves me,
  How she gives importance for every bit about my life
  How she cares every step I'm going to take and
  How she supports me even during my hard times.
My mom knows everything that makes me happy and my mom knows the value of every tear I shed. I was just wondered the way she holds my hand to protect me during every move of my life.
       I’m very blessed to have you momma…….!! If you ever seek for a love with no conditions, it’s only a Mother who can give it and nobody else, I bet you on that.

Really the greatest blessing that the God has given to us is, Mom. Love her, Respect her…………. :) :)

With Love
Vinny Evelyn

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