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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

21 Things "About Me"! [Yeah! Only About me!]

The list was growing.....growing......and growing!

When I started writing the list, it was growing.....growing......and growing! Like a never ending list [Hey! Don't run away] I shortened the list. *smiles*

Hi! I'm Vinny. Nice to Meet you!
     I want to post this for the friends who wish to know about me. If you are one of them………..then why are you getting late to read this? Just continue reading.
Everything I'm going to write is true to myself. *I Swear*
Here we Go!
Of course, if you are my best buddy you will know all these things.*Just check once*.

Ho! I'm very glad that you are finally going to read this post.

The things that describes me:

1.I strongly believe that, Author of my life is Jesus.

2.I'm a girl with simple desires and I enjoy every little pleasure in my life.

3.I'm kind of reserved type.Highly sensitive Typically strong enough. 
A simple kind of girl

4.I love Editing pictures, making greeting cards(everlasting interest), Blogging (recently started to)

5.I love my Mom, dad & sis more than anyone in this world.

6.I don't talk much. For sure every spoken word is definitely from my heart.

7.I can apologize; I don’t care it’s my fault or yours.[No space for Ego in my heart 'cause my heart is already filled with......fillllllled with BLOOD *Wink*]

No Space for EGO

8. I'm fanatical about scientific articles. I already won two books filled with scientific articles with my comments over there.
I don’t like to be ignored
I don't like to be ignored.

9.I don’t like to be ignored, especially by the ones I really like. *If my besties do that, I just......I  will justtttt .......rings their phone to scold them*[That's me hmm.....!] *haha*

10. If I ever did a Msg to you, you are definitely in my top best buddies list ‘cause I hate chatting or Messaging , whether it may be on social network or through my phone [I don’t know why][Even though I Msgd you.*Friendship*]. I just hate messaging re, I want to change it but noway I still hate it.(That’s why my close friends calls me like, hey! Land phone!) umm....... *shrugs* 

Beauty is the reflection of  heart. Just inside out from the heart.
11. I believe that, the beauty is the reflection of  heart. Just inside out from the heart. 

12.  I'm far away from anger; if you ever experienced angriness from me, you are very close to me because probably angriness is unknown option to me. 

13.I love to decorate Christmas tree. Christmas is my favourite festival.  

I can walk in you way!In your shoes!
14. I can put myself into the shoes of the other person and think from his/her point of view.

15. I hardly show my emotions to others. *Mostly I bottle up my feelings*

I Bottle up my feelings......;) ;)

16.I love chocolates, ice-creams [I eat chocolates at mid night *crazy*, ummm this is worst hobby. I want to change it because of this I got so many shouting’s from my Mom yarrr! ] 

17.I love my cousins and my besties more than myself.  

I love my cousins and my besties more than myself.
18.I learnt lot from my mistakes.

19.I never ignore my friends. If I did that, it definitely means I'm in deep hurt. Umm....*True*
[Note: I swear!Before IGNORING I will do possible measures to hold them and I will cling to them . Even though if they don't care. Oooops! it's not my mistake] *Hurt*

20.The most common compliments I get are “You’re sweet”. And also you’re childish. [I don’t know whether it is a complement or not ……I pooled it in my complements list haha…..*giggles* *crazy*]

21. I look very innocent but I'm crazy inside. Haha…….. *Silly* *crazy*
                                                         [Find "My wish list"- here]
“You’re sweet”. And also you’re childish. I'm crazy inside. Haha…….. *Silly* *crazy*


Oh! My God! You had finished reading the post.For sure, definitely you had the features to became a good friend. By this I conform that you care about your friends much, because I'm a stranger to you even though you make your valuable time available to read "about me *Sooooooo Sweet of you!*. How lucky your friends are! I'm just jealous of your close besties!*Wink*
        It's very sweet of you! Keep smiling! Keep Caring! Keep your Besties forever!
                With Love and Smiles  
                 Vinny Evelyn
 [Find "My wish list"- here]

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