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Saturday, 14 February 2015

A Love letter to my Loving Dad and Mom

Today I'm going to write a letter huh....yeah! a love letter to my loving Dad and Mom …through this……I want to express my love and gratitude towards them, they are my Mentors……they are my world. At this starting moment only I got tears of love in my eyes and I know, tears may roll down on my cheeks till I finish this letter (umm.....*true*)…….

*Loving Dad and Mom,
                             God’s choicest blessing on me is you. There is no words to describe what you meant to me but today I want to write some words, that will partly satisfies my wish  to express my love towards you.
Loving Dad and Mom
                I'm very blessed to have myself in your lovable hands, the right place for me.. You both are having been my strength and support since my first breath on this earth  and through the every bit of my life. You treated me and my little sis as the apple of your eye. Your love has kept me strong throughout these years. As a daughter I saw perfection in both of you.

            Dad I remember you carrying me on your shoulders and making me to feel like princes. Dropping me every day  at the school, college, and because of that daily visiting you became a good friend to  most of my teachers, classmates (that’s very sweet of you).As I'm writing this I remembered the times when we used to ride on our scooty. In my childhood when we are riding to my school, I just asked you that, Dad! Do you please teach me how to ride a bicycle?....with in 2 days you surprisingly gifted bicycle. That was the moment I totally felt like frozen up with your love. 
                      I also remember the times when you both held our hands and prayed for us and I always dozed off watching TV and holding dads arm, I remembered that when I ate chocolates at midnight,  Mom! You took a loud tone on me and Dad! You got so mad at her *supporting* me and the next day Mom gifted me with chocolate haha…..*Love*[Without your *Loving support* we are nothing.]
               Dad! You are behind my every success and you are the one who trusted me even when some of our relatives pulling me back saying that, she may not reach expected levels in her studies , despite of that you stood behind me and helped me to reach every goal in my life till today. Dad I also surprised that you learnt 10th maths and English lessons just to help me during my exams. Love you dad.   
               Mom you are the one very close to my heart, my bestie. You are the one who cherishes with our smile, you are the one who knows every tear I have shed and you are the one behind every step I'm going to take.      
              Dad and sis! You both bears me and Mom's crazy shopping’s, keep on calling to remind us to eat something and then shop *Love*(probably we both forget to eat food during shopping ha ha….).   
            *Da*Mom*, You've given us everything we've asked for. Most significantly you gifted us with *spiritual intelligence and emotional intelligence because of that our hearts are always rich in love towards everyone*.
I remember every lil bit of our journey together until this day. You both are the best parents I've known.With kneeling down I'm saying so sorry for the little mistakes I have done. I know I've disobeyed a lot of times, but still you both held me so close and never let me go.
            With whole heart we (me and sis) are saying that, there is no one could replace you both.
   I have nothing enough to repay you…..all that I have and want to give you is my eternal love.
                     And beyond anything, all I want to say is, I love you!  my dear Dad and Mom.    
I promise you that, I always be like same cute lil one you held in your arms since my day one on this earth.
With Lots of love,hugs and with never ending love.............
Vinny Evelyn

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