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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Yeah! There is magic around us (Don't forget the magic around You!)

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                                                                                 +Housing.com #lookup                         Life sometimes closes our eyes, probably our busy schedules in life which didn't allow us to look at simple, precious and priceless magics around us. Yeah! believe me one day I got a chance to  #Look Up  at one of these magics.
             [ when I was getting back to home on a bus after a long tiring day with my project work]
[Yeah! I'm thinking about my project work. Untill now I changed 3 projects but even didn't get the proper results. I'm getting tensed because the submission date was very closer.  But after this situation my tired weird face turned into glowing onemy optimism increased and hope on my project doubled]
 Here we go,
When we see the smiles of a little baby definitely we felt like the purest thing in this world is smile…..It will refresh our mood.
          I'm totally tired with my project work, on the bus even there is no gap to drop a sand Gray ..........after so much waiting I got a seat and of course I got squeezed between 2 jumbo sized people, with me now total 3 jumbos on the seat haha ;) ;) hoo! Just stop there! Don’t laugh much…I was just little chubby that’s it....... umm! *giggles*. 
                            After grabbing my place, I was totally struck with my thoughts. Suddenly my hair was pulled back, as I'm flying with my thoughts, I don’t even saw who pulled my hairs. I unknowingly tucked my hair back to my ear and went back into my thoughts.
*Smiles*           Do you know what happened? 
Someone pulling my hairs again and again…..with a tired and straight sort face I turned my head……. After that, the edge of my lips took the curve *Smile* and my tired weird face turned into glowing one. You know!One little kid stretched his hands out towards me. I just pampered with his looks and I took him…..his little cute face made me laugh again and again and my cheeks *blushed*. I just shared my chocolate with him.
*Smiles*                            Every day it took 30min to reach my stop, but that day I felt like I reached my stop within 30 sec. I want to play with him some more time…. I got an idea - to continue my journey to the next stop [clover no?] but I'm tired.  So, I dropped my plan. When I'm going to stepping down the bus, that cute little one with his little hand gave me a handshake and waved his hand saying bye….bye…
                                  I was totally refreshed with his smile.
                                                     There is magic in smile
After going to the home, when I'm thinking about that little cute chubby baby I got an idea which changed my entire project results 
                    Do you want to now how this situation changed the destiny of my project work?
As a pharma student, I'm working on a project related to extended-release tablets but it was very tough to get the results. After meeting this little baby, I got an idea to work on pediatric medicine [ Medicines for children]. And the project was succeeded and I got a certificate for my success. 
Believe in the magic of *Togetherness*
If  you are busy with your work and didn't even observed the colourful rainbow........then where is the magic, If you don't observe?
      Just take some time from your watch to #Look Up
at the colours of flowers, Glowing stars, little baby smiles, designs of butterfly wings with your *magical heart* Positive thoughts* everything looks magical and fills your heart with magic.                 
 *Those who  believe in magic’s will definitely find them*
                   Yesssssssss! The magic is in you, in your heart and your thoughts.
And we may feel that everything looks fading.  Sometimes everything seems black and white……Just! Getup! And with your *magical heart* and *Positive thoughts* paint everything around you with bright magical colours. [I paint my world with pink color ‘cause I love it….mm ;)*silly*]                                
 Life sometimes takes us through the rough road; it only means that you’re heading towards something PRECIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL. Live in the moment, smile as much as you can and say “I love you life”.
A little magic can take you through the long way.

    A little optimistic thought can take you through the long way.

     Keep your heart with positive thoughts................
      Spread your wings with optimism.....................
                                                            Don't forget the magic around You!

With magical heart,
Vinny Evelyn

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