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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Treasure of Hopes on you-(Cricket fever)

huge hug of Hope  to you dear Indian team and loads of prayers  for you.
Today all I want to say is,
                      A  Big ALL THE BEST  to Our Indian team.

Indian Team

      Dear defending Indian team, our hopes on you are sky-high and we know you will definitely turn our hopes into *VICTORY*.
                       In this post I don’t want to pen lengthy paragraphs but be prepared to read unlimited expression of my heart after the victory. Yes! I'm going write lengthy paragraphs after victory……. okay? ;-) okay!!
          I hope like in 1983 and 2011 we will rock on the ground. Defiantly you will stand up for *VICTORY*.

World Cup

Oh my God! You already own the toss and took batting!
                                                      I'm going to stick to the match.

Next post ........ coming soon…………….

*With Victory Swing and with swinging emotions*
Vinny Evelyn

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