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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Our INDIA - #Digital INDIA [India holding Digital Umbrella]

Written for :http://www.intel.in/  Do visit: http://www.intel.in/    #DigitalIndia

India holding #Digital Umbrella and wearing #Intel cap: 

The winds of #Digital India are spreading across the nation as spring blooms passing from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari to magnify the life of every Indian citizen.
Quality life can touch us as easily as breathing by transforming India into #Digital India
 #Digital India *Gifting new life to every Indian citizen*

Let’s join our hands to calligraph dexterous steps towards #Digital India.                           #Digital India builds a bridge between people and government through E-Governance. So the core part to build #Digital India is E-Governance.
      Government already lit a moment towards the vision of #Digital India by breaking thorny barriers between citizen and Government. 
     Now we are in the era of Digital revolution which can change   social, educational, economic, political, cultural landscape of our country. 
*Let's raise our hands to give support to the vision of  #Digital India*
 In my view, this vision can be fulfilled by joining our hands to strengthen the power of Government to reach the goal.Now technology is at our fingertips but if the people don't now how to use it; then where is the success for this vision? Yeah! Wake up! join your hand and take part in the #Digital India Project by educating everyone about our digital India services.  
*The successes of #Digital India vision  depends not only on Government but also on us*
Department of Electronics and Information technology (DeitY), Ministry  of communication and Information technology has taken so many initiatives to rewrite the future of the country by making it empowered society and economy.
 It is good to hear that #Intel India already contributed for national building agenda, #Digital India.   
   #Digital India could make Good Governance forward in letter and spirit. 
Digitizing all Government services make government more responsive, effective, efficient and transparent
Good governance= (More responsive Government +Effective Government +transparent Government) which can be achieved by #Digital India

*Our role to transform vision of #Digital India  into reality:

       The main challenge to make #Digital India live is - Improving digital literacy.           We may not have money to give or some strong contributions, but we have  TIME and INNOVATIVE IDEAS to contribute towards the Country.Just take some time from your watch and educate people around you about the technology and services that are introduced by the government as the part of an initiation and contribution to our country.
 Innovative Ideas and ambitious moves are the shortcuts to reach the vision so, please contribute your ideas to the vision of #Digital India.

*Using Innovative technologies and Digital Litracy

The technology plays a key role in transforming the vision #Digital India into reality.   
When we talk about digitalizing, the core element that comes in our mind is Technology. The word technology is fulfilled by technology major #Intel. 
In the flow of the digital revolution let's embrace each wonderful change in our lives.  
The 20th and 21st centuries have seen a variety of progress that revolutionized the way people live, play and work. *Technology plays a vital role in our modern life*

Technology is related to study, design and development of computer systems and networks which are used for obtaining, processing and distributing data.Modern innovative technology has always been choosing the new route of advancements, upgrading, and modifications to improve its usage.
#Digital India encourages youngsters to step out of their cubicles and allows them to discover new talents in them by digital education.
The chip major #Intel has collaborated with NIELIT and started a course that will be delivered to 15000 people in every state with the aim of skill development in the Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) sector.

In my view  

These are my implementable Ideas towards upgrading technologies
1. Solar enabled Wi-fi  systems
2. Secured technologies like digital signatured fingerprint Lock
3. Using graphical and diagrammatic representation as base for apps [which can help illiterate to understand] 
 4. E-Libraries in Schools
 5. Using innovative processors 
 6.E-Stops                       .
1.Solar enabled Wi-fi  systems: These are the system which can enable internet  everywhere by using solar energy even in remote villages. So everyone could use the services.
 2.E-Libraries in Schools: By introducing E libraries in schools we can educate every child and make them step towards the technological intelligence.
3.Digital signatured fingerprint Lock: This system gives security for every citizen for their digital documents and certificates. In this technology, we don't use passwords we are going to use fingerprints to enter into our citizenship account.
4. Using graphical and diagrammatic representation: If we use graphical and diagrammatic representation as base for apps [which can help illiterate to understand]. English words may not be understood by illiterate, but it is easy to follow graphical representations. 
5.Affordable systems: Making Softwares and smartphones in affordable cost so, they can be used by everyone and every service can be used by every citizen.
6.E- stops: these are the stations in each village which can help people to use all the digital services.
Technology must reach every citizen in the country so it should be,
                     Affordable, Secured and Faster.                                          
          The main challenge to make #Digital India live is Improving digital literacy.
The main challenge before #Digital India is improving technological skills in people for efficient serving of the every citizen in the country.
#Intel has chosen this main challenge on the part of its contribution to #Digital India.
#Intel has chosen two ultimate wings areas,
                        SKILL DEVELOPMENT and INNOVATION      

Rapid advancement in Information and communication technology (ICT) made the vision of digital India into reality. These are the some Initiative steps from DietY,  

Steps by #Intel India towards the vision of  #Digital India
1.The chip major #Intel has collaborated with NIELIT to catapult E- Governance, Innovation and to boost inclusive growth in the country.
2.To accelerate the Digital literacy in India, #Intel India along with NASSCOM launched the National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) in 2012.
I know writing all these things is easy but what I want to tell you is we have to educate every child with technological intelligence from their childhood to get innovative thoughts

Now technology is aligned with the society:    

 Vast panoramas of services open up as the cursor moves on our Laptop and also with a single touch on our smartphone. Everything in our lives is surrounded and running with technology, it may be application procedures, Education, business and even shopping now, E-governance. 
                    I strongly believe that with the effort of government and with the support of every citizen, E-governance along with TECHNOLOGY can highly boost the vision of #Digital India in letter and spirit.                                                 
           "By this I conclude that TECHNOLOGY plays major part in transforming India to #Digital India."         Thank you for Reading.... :) :) 

Much Love to India for Initiating#Digital India and Loads of thanks to  #Intel India for its support to  #Digital India   


1.In this article, every word is dropped from my Pen.
2.I'm dedicating this article to "Indian Government" and "Intel India" (http://www.intel.in/)
         Every photo collage is made by me and every quote is written by me.
With Digital swing
Vinny Evelyn

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Wearing wings of happiness[ #Iam happy]

Written for:Coca-Cola India,http://www.coca-colaindia.com/ http://CokeURL.com/96jnc.
                                          #Iam happy    *Happiness to me is showering my love*
Basic image collected from:www.facebook.com/cadburydiarymilkindia
Photo collage credits and quite credits to: Vinny

I'm wearing wings of happiness. today I'm going to remember the stuff that made me happy and that made my days filled.
       I'm in the carriole to share the things which made my days totally happiest ever.
 Yessssss!"Making Greeting cards for my loved ones, Planning surprise to Mom and Dad taking my steps towards web designing *my passion* (see my blog), learning some new languages, making pendants- they might look very little, but everything I'm doing fills my heart with lots of happiness. *smiles*
Hey! Come on join with me,

Making Greeting cards: *Happiness to me is showering my love* 
Little things with wholehearted love give voice to your silence, words to your heart and emotions to your eyes.
  One best example is when I gave greeting card to my sissy I saw tears in her eyes and find love in her words.[now #Iam happy]
Photo credits and quote credits to Vinny
                                  Yes, the best ever hobby. I love making greeting cards from my childhood. Most of the cards made by me are only for my family members and for my besties.
             If I ever gifted you with the greeting card definitely you are my best friend *smiles*. I want to send birthday wish to everyone in this world (If I knew it was his/her birthday).             
       Bys wishesending I want to see little  curve at the edge of my friends lips. *Smile*
Happiness to me is:  *Seeing magical smiles of little baby*
 When we see the smiles of a little baby definitely we felt like the purest thing in this world is a smile…..*Smile can refresh our mood*
       [when I was getting back to home after a long tiring day with my project work]
              One day I'm returning back from my college I'm totally tired with my project work, in the bus even there is no gap to drop a sand Gray ..........after so much waiting I got a seat and of course I got squeezed between 2 jumbo sized people, with me now total 3 jumbos on the seat haha ;) ;) hoo! Just stop there! Don’t laugh much…I was just little chubby that’s it....... umm! *giggles*. 
                  After grabbing my place, I was totally struck with the flying thoughts. Suddenly my hair was pulled back, as I'm flying with my thoughts, I don’t even saw who pulled my hairs. I unknowingly tucked my hair back to my ear and went back into my thoughts.
Someone pulling my hairs again and again…..with a tired and straight sort face I turned my head…….. After that, edge of my lips took the curve *Smile* and my tired weird face turned into glowing one. You know!One little kid stretched his hands out towards me. I just pampered with his looks and I took him…..his little cute face made me to laugh again and again and my cheeks *blushed*. I just shared my chocolate with him.
 Every day it took 30min to reach my stop, but that day I felt like I reached my stop within 30 sec. I want to play with him some more time…. I got an idea - to continue my journey to the next stop [clover no?] but I'm tired.  So, I dropped my plan. When I'm going to stepping down the bus, that cute little one with his little hand gave me a handshake and waved his hand saying bye….bye…
                                  *I was totally refreshed with his smile* [now #Iam happy]
Totally, Web designing, Christmas tree decoration,  Planning to make sure to learn music *please doze off * , specially blogging, Clearing clouds in my way towards future destiny -all these things made my days brighter than ever and makes me happiest person ever. 
             By making all these stuffI literally surrounded with lots of happiness.

"Be yourself,
 *Do things, which makes you happy
  *Do some ridiculous stuff to fill someone face with a smile
   *Do the things you love the most
Never think that, you are wasting time- Sometimes little hobbies makes you to grow in your own way and fills your days."                 

 Be Happy........Have Hope.......Have courage and be like a crazy Girl.
                                          choose coca-cola as you choice 
With smiles 
Vinny Evelyn 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

I Born again by Discovering MYSELF [#Started life with sprung of happiness]

Written for: https://housing.com/ Do visit:https://housing.com/   +Housing.com #StartANewLife
Note:In this article every hashtag with # start a new life will lead you to the https://housing.com/, where you can find full details about housing.com.
Sometimes life really chooses magical ways to show what really matters to us. 
                                #to give a new start to our journey.
We always think getting success in our life is great but now I realized  discovering over self is a great victory with a magical touchdown. 
                       Sometimes touchdown may give magical victories.
 Here we go,
From my childhood, I was bit reserved, but I'm always surrounded by cheerful, naughty, funky and highly energetic friends. All my school days, graduation days flew like liquid I enjoyed every little bit of my journey. 
                       After my PG, I decided to do my Ph.D. in my favorite subject "new drug discovery". In the final semester of PG, I got busy with submitting applications to all the universities in UK.
  When I'm applying for Ph.D. I never think about the issues like,
                                                   I'm going to stay away from my parents.
                                                   I'm going to miss my friends.
      Every trial is bounced back like a ball.  *Sad* [But it gave a new start] 
      But  my parents are happy because they don't want to stay away from me. *Love*
       Everything landed in a different way, my every dream got curtain downed suddenly,   I got bliss gap in my career.  I got wrapped up in confusion and felt little low by thinking about my future because I never planned anything about the job other than Ph.D.
I thought that every door is closed but never expected that already one door is swing opened to welcome me, that door leaded me into the biggest happiness.
I'm totally in a confused state and felt alone:
           The days are going, I'm staying in my home and  trying to get a job. In childhood we spend most of the day in school, we always spend more time with our friends *true*.By sitting alone, I'm thinking how I miss them and their support. 
         By seeing my confusion Mom and Dad told me that, "don’t take it seriously getting job is easy but getting satisfaction is important move in your own way to get it. Come on get up take some gap and enjoy it."  
      These words changed me, my thinking, my desires and my thoughts went in a positive way.
 With the power of positive thinking # I started a new life.  
Basic Image is from: http://get-slim-easy.com/google_sitemap.xml.gz -green 
 Quote credits: Vinny
 I know most of us go through the rough-phase once, twice, thrice and sometimes like a lot in life.It might be the career issue, it might be the study issue and maybe some other. 
We may regret with our failures in life,
                                                      But what matters is,
      How well you are carrying your failures to twist them into victory
      *How many times you tried to defeat it .  *Defines you.*
and * How many times you made efforts to stand on your shaking feet to get success in your life.
      When you feel every trial bouncing off your ceiling, instead nursing your pain, just wink and smile at the difficulty and say "hey difficulty I definitely turn you as my achievement". 
Get up! Raise your curtain to #start a new life towards the right direction.
Discovering myself:
                                   I started thinking positively.   
Like Alice in the wonderland, I found everything which is precious to me.  
I got spirit  that only sees beauty in everything and find optimism in everywhere. 
             It was pretty relaxing when you spend time with your own self the entire day.                                 Staying at home for few days made me become very close with Mom and Dad. I helped my Mom in the kitchen I firstly experienced satisfaction in helping Mom. *Love*
From our birth, we took care from our parents but now I learned how to take care our loved ones.
In college, I learned subjects but in all these few days I strongly say that I learned life by discovering myself.
   I explored  new talents in me one of that is writing because of that I’m here and writing this. I learned how to cook food. I found true friends and best supporters in my life by getting this touchdown in my career.
 With the support of my parents,
                                  Now, I got a brave heart to accept things in a positive way.
Now I got a strong heart to face my touchdowns and vision to # Start a new life and courage to move forth and on. 
Till now my life and brain are filled with books but after spending these few days found new Vinny( that’s me haha…)
Lit for life is satisfaction, which is not in success or in richness- We will earn it by accepting  everything in a positive way.                    
                                          I felt like robotic life turned into artistic life.
#Started a new life with wings of satisfaction
#Started a new life with sprung of success
#Started a new life with new goals and heading towards my dreams with positive thinking.
Image collected from:www.itimeline.com
 Allow your heart to listen to the whisperings of every moment. 
                                                 Finally I reborn by discovering MYSELF.
Breaking barriers to get a richest happiness with success,
  Our busy schedules in life close our eyes, they  didn't allow us to look at the simple, precious and priceless things in our life. 
Sometimes we may feel that everything looks fading.  Sometimes everything seems black and white……Just! Getup!  paint everything around you with bright magical colors. 
              Life sometimes leads us through the rough road; it only means that you’re boarding towards something PRECIOUS. Live in the moment, smile as much as you can and say “I love you life”.
Come on join with me,
              I'm going to stand up firm if my legs get shaking. I’m going to have more faith even when my wishes seem to be neglected. 
I want to keep my eyes open for the very best part of my life...
          Hey! Getup! See already you are surrounded with some magic! Hold it tight.
Spring Blooms are now started for me.Sappier Studded lines up of victories are waiting for you.
Like leaving your footwear out, leave your negative thoughts to walk straight in a right way.
  Live in the moment, smile as much as you can and say “I love you life”.
Meet the new Housing:

With smiles

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

With Moto E - Start the waves of Glee [# I choose to Turn new Moto E experience into everlasting memory]

Written for: http://startwithmotoe.com Do visit:http://startwithmotoe.com #new Moto E
#I Choose to start with new Moto E
(# I choose to initiate my loved ones #new Moto E Smartphone Journey experience.)
 I want to Lit a moment that spreads my love like Persian blue tile and strew my heart like sapphire glow with # new Moto E.                             Written for 
                     Our every experience is tied up with our family – 
Gifting them with a new journey by getting them to hold 
smart phone in their hands. 
                                 *Awesome* *Smartphone journey*            
# choose to start new Moto E journey
Basic images are collected from: http://www.startwithmotoe.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/cadburydairymilkindia
                 Photo Collage credits and quote credits: Vinny
I drove back to  remember every experience like first day in school, first pencil art, first bicycle ride, first picnic all of my experiences were filled with my family. Not only for me I know everyone’s journey starts with their family. Behind my every bit of success my Dad was there, he is my hero. He gifted me everything that I  wished to have( I don’t know how could he know what I wished in my heart *Love* ). 
         My hands only know how to take support and gifts from Dad, but the thought of gifting smartphone  journey to Dad was much delightful.                       
“I will turn featured experiences from #new Moto-E into an everlasting memory.”
                  Taking gifts from our loved ones is awesome but giving gift to them would really turn into a lovable memory that to gifting Dad with highly qualified smartphone journey with #new Moto-E really becomes  a magical moment.
"Featured experiences from #new Moto E can catapult us towards bigger happiness."   
Basic images are collected from:http://quotes-kid.com/;Photo Collage credits and quote credits: Vinny

Experiences are very important like getting new phone, enjoying it features is awesome but spreading those better experiences to the person we love with the right gift would really become a lovable memory. * Grab Magical Memory with new Moto E*
#I choose to Calligraph my memories with tufts of experiences from,
                                                                                                                  # new Moto E

Now at this moment I flooded with the memories from my childhood,
     I don’t know how to read               - Dad supported me to improve myself in studies.
     I don’t know how to ride a bicycle  -Dad guided me to ride it.
           Now, It's my chance to take some time from my watch to guide him about, using every feature from smartphone, like how he supported me in my childhood.*Smile*
                                        *In # new Moto E every feature is new and outstanding.*
I want to see new Moto E in the hands of my father and want to blow sparkle of happiness in his eyes and want to show my love.
         Wonderful experiences can multiply our Happiness *Zillion times.*              
Basic images are collected from: http://www.startwithmotoe.com/ Photo Collage credits and quote credits: Vinny    
 We are in the advanced era enjoying every little pleasure like experiencing best signature Softwares from gadgets like smartphones specially from Moto, laptops etc….. but in the era of our parents, in their younger age they never experienced this, so, gifting smartphone to Dad is smarter thought[clover no:)], It's  like making him to taste new Smartphone journey.
      I’m proud to join him in our # new Moto E Smartphone journey.
Now Dad can experience the incisive qualities of new Moto E:
      Long back, Dad asked me-Is there another way to make a call without looking at the mobile screen?  *Strange*
   But he said that when he forget to wear his spects it's very tough to look on the screen. 
      *Now, with # new Moto E *voice command mode* , he can call just by giving a voice command without even looking at the mobile screen*[Thanks to Moto E for this best feature]
Our first experiences are the blessings from our parents -Giving them first Smartphone experience is a happiest thing and also a token of gratitude towards them.  
  When I asked so many doubts during my school days, Dad answered every question with lot of patience and he never ever irritated.  Today I want to give directions to him about how to use every bit of features in the smartphone.*Wink*
  # I choose to give big start for his new Moto E Smartphone journey.
           *Yeah! Dad!loves reading I will download so many audible books, now every book is in his hands to listen. [Because # new Moto E got a big memory option that to expandable memory] . *Best feature*
*Dad always starts his scooter for crediting money, for paying bills but now I want to help him by improving his awareness on e-banking. [Because Moto E featured with 4G LTE] *super fast* *no connection errors*
         *Every time when I want to pose for getting my photograph I used to please my sister (sometimes I gave her chocolates*Really* ] to flash me but now with # new Moto E front camera it was so easy to take photograph by myself. [How Lucky I’m]
Basic images collected from:http://quotes-kid.com/;Photo Collage credits and quote credits: Vinny

      *Now I’m not going to hear words like - "my battery was getting low" because *Better battery power of #new Moto E*[Full day battery]
    * I used to open my laptop or PC and has to connect internet for video calling, probably it will take 15 min to do all this stuff but now with # new Moto E front facing VGA camera, video chat is at my fingertips.
*My dad used to write his work notes; list of things to buy on a paper but now this smartphone with AndroidTM OS- Lollipop, allows to save his thoughts and lists on the phone. *Timesaving*(Not only this there are many apps)
     [No need to search for a pen, paper especially when he is on a journey or in work engagements ]
Now with this #new MotoE bunch of featured experiences are at the  fingertips of my Dad.
      Hey! Don’t *niggle* saying that with all these tempted features she is going to use it rather than gifting her Dad.  Every feature is tempting me but at the same time I want to see it in my Dad hands Yaar!.  
      *Of course, our Dad’s phone is our phone na* *giggles*
*Hey! You know? I’m going to become the center of attraction in my friends group.*True*
Swashbuckling appearance of new Moto E can steal my friend’s heart. 
             Because of new Moto E customizable accents Grip Shells, that are easy to swap out, so I can change my phone accent color according to my dress color.Yeah! I’m going to please my Dad during special occasions in our college to hold his phone as my phone ha…..ha……….. 
              Hold # new Moto E in your hand to become stellar in your group
Do you want better experience with smartphone?
Do you want to surprise your loved ones with tremendous advantages in a single gadget? 
  then #choose to make #new Moto E as your choice.
                                                               Hey! never be late to start it.
                                                   With Moto E- start the wave of glee 
Colophon: Every word on this article is dropped from my pen with my heart.Every photo collage credits and quote credits to Vinny [That's me! haha:)].  Evey hashtag with # new Moto E would lead you into Moto's official website http://www.startwithmotoe.com/, where you can find total information about #new Moto E.Below each image I added the site where it has been  collected.
Have a Great Smartphone journey
Vinny Evelyn

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