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Thursday, 19 March 2015

I Born again by Discovering MYSELF [#Started life with sprung of happiness]

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Sometimes life really chooses magical ways to show what really matters to us. 
                                #to give a new start to our journey.
We always think getting success in our life is great but now I realized  discovering over self is a great victory with a magical touchdown. 
                       Sometimes touchdown may give magical victories.
 Here we go,
From my childhood, I was bit reserved, but I'm always surrounded by cheerful, naughty, funky and highly energetic friends. All my school days, graduation days flew like liquid I enjoyed every little bit of my journey. 
                       After my PG, I decided to do my Ph.D. in my favorite subject "new drug discovery". In the final semester of PG, I got busy with submitting applications to all the universities in UK.
  When I'm applying for Ph.D. I never think about the issues like,
                                                   I'm going to stay away from my parents.
                                                   I'm going to miss my friends.
      Every trial is bounced back like a ball.  *Sad* [But it gave a new start] 
      But  my parents are happy because they don't want to stay away from me. *Love*
       Everything landed in a different way, my every dream got curtain downed suddenly,   I got bliss gap in my career.  I got wrapped up in confusion and felt little low by thinking about my future because I never planned anything about the job other than Ph.D.
I thought that every door is closed but never expected that already one door is swing opened to welcome me, that door leaded me into the biggest happiness.
I'm totally in a confused state and felt alone:
           The days are going, I'm staying in my home and  trying to get a job. In childhood we spend most of the day in school, we always spend more time with our friends *true*.By sitting alone, I'm thinking how I miss them and their support. 
         By seeing my confusion Mom and Dad told me that, "don’t take it seriously getting job is easy but getting satisfaction is important move in your own way to get it. Come on get up take some gap and enjoy it."  
      These words changed me, my thinking, my desires and my thoughts went in a positive way.
 With the power of positive thinking # I started a new life.  
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 Quote credits: Vinny
 I know most of us go through the rough-phase once, twice, thrice and sometimes like a lot in life.It might be the career issue, it might be the study issue and maybe some other. 
We may regret with our failures in life,
                                                      But what matters is,
      How well you are carrying your failures to twist them into victory
      *How many times you tried to defeat it .  *Defines you.*
and * How many times you made efforts to stand on your shaking feet to get success in your life.
      When you feel every trial bouncing off your ceiling, instead nursing your pain, just wink and smile at the difficulty and say "hey difficulty I definitely turn you as my achievement". 
Get up! Raise your curtain to #start a new life towards the right direction.
Discovering myself:
                                   I started thinking positively.   
Like Alice in the wonderland, I found everything which is precious to me.  
I got spirit  that only sees beauty in everything and find optimism in everywhere. 
             It was pretty relaxing when you spend time with your own self the entire day.                                 Staying at home for few days made me become very close with Mom and Dad. I helped my Mom in the kitchen I firstly experienced satisfaction in helping Mom. *Love*
From our birth, we took care from our parents but now I learned how to take care our loved ones.
In college, I learned subjects but in all these few days I strongly say that I learned life by discovering myself.
   I explored  new talents in me one of that is writing because of that I’m here and writing this. I learned how to cook food. I found true friends and best supporters in my life by getting this touchdown in my career.
 With the support of my parents,
                                  Now, I got a brave heart to accept things in a positive way.
Now I got a strong heart to face my touchdowns and vision to # Start a new life and courage to move forth and on. 
Till now my life and brain are filled with books but after spending these few days found new Vinny( that’s me haha…)
Lit for life is satisfaction, which is not in success or in richness- We will earn it by accepting  everything in a positive way.                    
                                          I felt like robotic life turned into artistic life.
#Started a new life with wings of satisfaction
#Started a new life with sprung of success
#Started a new life with new goals and heading towards my dreams with positive thinking.
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 Allow your heart to listen to the whisperings of every moment. 
                                                 Finally I reborn by discovering MYSELF.
Breaking barriers to get a richest happiness with success,
  Our busy schedules in life close our eyes, they  didn't allow us to look at the simple, precious and priceless things in our life. 
Sometimes we may feel that everything looks fading.  Sometimes everything seems black and white……Just! Getup!  paint everything around you with bright magical colors. 
              Life sometimes leads us through the rough road; it only means that you’re boarding towards something PRECIOUS. Live in the moment, smile as much as you can and say “I love you life”.
Come on join with me,
              I'm going to stand up firm if my legs get shaking. I’m going to have more faith even when my wishes seem to be neglected. 
I want to keep my eyes open for the very best part of my life...
          Hey! Getup! See already you are surrounded with some magic! Hold it tight.
Spring Blooms are now started for me.Sappier Studded lines up of victories are waiting for you.
Like leaving your footwear out, leave your negative thoughts to walk straight in a right way.
  Live in the moment, smile as much as you can and say “I love you life”.
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With smiles

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