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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My favourite thing to do :) :)

        A very sweet hello to all my fellow bloggers!!
Hope everyone of you having cheerful life and wearing a sparkling smile on your cute face.
I am penning down here after a while and during all these days I felt like I'm missing something.
Today, sitting on the couch I'm thinking and my thoughts are flying across the word “Missing”.
                           And I questioned myself, what I'm missing all these days?
My heart answered me, 
                 Hello! Vinny!  You totally had forgotten about your blog. 
   Yes! It’s true I'm not that much busy all these days, but skipped writing here for some reason [Interview preparation], but now I'm glad that somehow I managed to write over here. I thought I should write here because that’s been one of the things I've felt better doing, today and always.
              Now through this post I want to share about one of my hobby, which fills my heart with satisfaction and makes me very happy.
     That is “Collection of scientific articles and pooling my ideas over each one”.
Yeah! As I promised in the one of my previous post [Collecting Happiness] now, I'm giving a detailed description about my Hobby. 
Collecting Scientific articles:
                    I'm very passionate to collect Scientific articles and also to give comments on my own prepared book. I already won 2 books filled with all the articles collected by me and with my comments over there. Only my besties know all this stuff. And now my sweet .......sweet...... blogger friends. *Giggles*
                      This hobby may look childish, but I love it ya!.....
Here I'm adding some images of my Book,
This is the cover page of my book.  
I collected most of the articles from "The Hindu-Science & Technology" Portal.
On each page I wrote my views and ideas about each article.

I want to continue this hobby, which makes me happy. If you like this idea try it.
With Smiles,

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Every footprint gives boost to my writings :) :)

                            Every visiting leaves footprint on my blog
It's my pleasure to find my name in the winners list of Digital India contest by‪  Intel_India‬. Big thanks to Intel India for choosing my article. 
                    I'm going to gift this ‪‎Micromax_Tab to heart emoticon Dad‬ heart emoticon. *Giggles* smile emoticon smile emoticon 

 — feeling joyful.
                        On this occasion,  I want to thank each and every visitor and thanks for stopping by, to read my every article. Your every visit gives boost to my writings. 
                                                                                    Every footprint counts. :) :)

Keep visiting and have happy reading on my blog :) :) 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Magic.................... :) :)

There is magic behind butterfly wings
Yessssssssss! I believe in magics.
                                           Do you believe?
       Whether your answer may be Yes! Or No! ........ Just make some time to read my article. *smiles*
There is magic behind the design of the butterfly wings
There is magic in smile of a little baby
There is magic in turning of seedling into a plant
There is magic in Music
There is magic in Music

There is magic behind the color of every flower

There is magic in Kindness, Love, Giving, Taking, Helping, Happiness, Music ……………..
Magics around us
   Every time when I look at anything I feel like some magic is there in each one…..
                       Totally, There is magic in everything around us.
                                           And some one is there behind every magic!

Someone is there behind every magic?
In my childhood I think that, all these magic’s are done by fairies and I searched for the
fairies in my childhood that's a different story (If you want read that find here ….)hmm of course oops! I didn't find them but today I totally realized that who are behind that magic’s……..by this post I want share my views on those magic’s.

There is magic in smile: (the magic filled smile)
When we see the smiles of a little baby definitely we felt like the purest thing on this world is smile…..It will refresh our mood.
[This is happened when I was getting back home in a bus after a long tiring day with my project work]
              One day I'm returning back from my college I'm totally tired with my project work, in the bus even there is no gap to drop a sand Gray ..........after so much waiting I got a seat and of course I got squeezed between 2 jumbo sized people, with me now total 3 jumbos on the seat haha ;) ;) hoo! Just stop there! Don’t laugh much…I was just little chubby that’s it....... umm! *giggles*. 
                  After grabbing my place I was totally struck with the flying thoughts. Suddenly my hair was pulled back, as I'm flying with my thoughts, I don’t even saw who pulled my hairs. I unknowingly tucked my hair back to my ear and went back into my thoughts.
*Smiles*           Do you know what happened? 
Someone pulling my hairs again and again…..with a tired and straight sort face I turned my head…….. After that, edge of my lips took the curve *Smile* and my tired weird face turned into glowing one. You know!One little kid stretched his hands out towards me. I just pampered with his looks and I took him…..his little cute face made me to laugh again and again and my cheeks *blushed*. I just shared my chocolate with him.
*Smiles*                            Every day it took 30min to reach my stop but that day I felt like I reached my stop with in 30 sec. I want to play with him some more time…. I got an idea - to continue my journey till the next stop [clover no?] but I'm tired.  So, I dropped my plan. When I'm going to stepping down the bus, that cute little one with his little hand gave me a hand shake and waved his hand saying bye….bye…
                                  I was totally refreshed with his smile.
                                      Just think who’s behind that magic of smile?
There are so many magical Languages:   [ Hey! don't look at me with straight face.....just continue reading]
Believe in the magic of kindness
               We all have had born language skills since our first breath on this earth. We all know these languages. They have no scripts but they can understand by everyone of us.
       Do you know what are those languages? 
They are!........They are............,
                   Kindness, love, happiness, friendship, togetherness etc., which the deaf can hear, blind can see, a poor can give, ultimate richness may couldn't buy with money, a kid can give a adult can take.
Believe in the magic of *Love*                       Yes! We are masters in all these languages. The best example for this is, a little kid just feels comfortable in the hands of his mother and pampers on the shoulders of his father.

When we see an old grandparent, who is feeling hungry we definitely opens our wallet *Kindness*
When we saw tears in our friends eyes, our eyes burst out with tears *Love*
When you with someone during their happy times and also supports someone during their odd days  *Friendship*                                                                                                                         
Believe in the magic of kindness

Believe in the magic of *Friendship*
Believe in the magic of *Togetherness*
When someone smiles at you and you took curve on your face *Togetherness*
The happiness after helping some one.*Fulfilled heart*

Probably we all have had experienced all these magics.*Smiles*

Believe in the magic of *Love*

               Could you imagine who's behind all those magics?   Think yaar!Think!
            Just consider yourself, you are busy with your work and didn't even observed the colourful rainbow........then where is the magic, If you don't observe?
              If you don’t see the colour of flowers, Glowing stars, little baby smiles, designs of butterfly wings with your *magical heart* everything fades out and everything seems normal. You are seeing everything with your magical heart-Your heart is behind every magic. Most significantly the one lies behind all these magic’s is you , your heart and your thoughts.                               
              *Those who  believe in magic’s will definitely find them*
Magic           Yesssssssss! The magic is in you, in your heart 
Magic                                                    The magic is in us,
              in our hearts
There is Magic in you   
           Life sometimes closes our eyes, probably our busy schedules in life which didn't allow us to look at these simple, precious and priceless magics. And we may feel that everything looks fading.  Sometimes everything seems black and white……Just! Getup! And with your *magical heart* paint everything around you with bright magical colors. [I paint my world with pink color ‘cause I love it….mm ;)*silly*].  
              Life sometimes takes us through the rough road; it only means that you’re heading towards something PRECIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL. Live in the moment, smile as much as you can and say “I love you life”.
Come on join with me,
              I'm going to stand up firm if my legs get shaking. I’m going to have more faith even when my wishes seem to be neglected. I want to keep my eyes open for the very best part of my life...
          Hey! Getup! See already you are surrounded with some magic! Hold it tight.
And say with loud voice,
              Life! I will shake my fist at you with *my faith and with my magical heart*.
**I Hope you have heaps of magic in your life with your Magical heart**.   
A little magic can take you through the long way.

    A little magic can take you through the long      way.

             Keep your heart with magical thoughts................
             Spread your wings to fly Magically......................
                                                            Don't forget the magic around You!

 With magical heart,
Vinny Evelyn 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A True Big-Screen Experiences with ASUS Zenfone 2

Written for: http://www.asus.com/Phones/ZenFone_2_ZE551ML/             
Do visit:@AsusIndia #CantWait4Zenfone2

Definitely the ASUS Zenfone 2  going to catapult my Smartphone experience!
  A True Big-Screen Experience with ASUS Zenfone 2            
 My favorite hobbies – My favorite photography
                    My favorite reading– My favorite video calling to my cousins                                          our favorite IPL Live,                 
            amazingly all these favorites on one gadget that is ASUS Zenfone 2  
Now with ASUS Zenfone 2, bunch of featured experiences are at my fingertips
1. A wonderful platform for My favorite hobbies:      
            I love blogging, reading my friends blogs and collecting my study related articles. Till now I did all these things with my laptop. But now, dexterously I’m going to do all these things with one simple touchon 5.5inches Corning Gorilla glass3 screen of ASUS Zenfone 2.
           I Used to write my work notes and my new thoughts for my blog post on paper but now with this smartphone with Android- Lollipop, allows to save my thoughts and lists on the phone. *Timesaving*(Not only this there are many apps)     [No need to search for a pen, paper especially when I’m in journey or in work engagements ]
2. My favorite reading:      
         My favorite thing to do is reading my subject books and Novels, with ASUS Zenfone 2  5GB free lifetime ASUS Webstorag, I’m going to downloa every favorite book and I’m going to read it during my journey and at night time on my phone.
3.My favorite photography:    
        Every time when I want to pose for getting photograph I used to please my sister to flash me Sometimes I gave her chocolates but now with ASUS Zenfone 2 front camera it is easy to take photograph by myself [How Lucky I’m].
      ASUS Zenfone 2 Pixel Master camera I’m going to capture high-resolution photos with zero shetter lag    And now I’m not going to use images from other sites…….I’m going to use my won captured high resolution images for my blog.       Now I’m not going to hear words like- “My battery was getting low” because with ASUS Zenfone 2 battery is going to juice up to 60% in not more than 39 min.
4.Video calling to my best and best cousins is now easy:
      I used to open my laptop or PC and has to connect internet for video calling, probably it will take 15 min to do all this stuff but now with   ASUS Zenfone 2 front facing  camera, video chat is at my fingertips. 
5.IPL live watch and I’m also going to be stellar in my group:I always love to watch live cricket but due to my lab work I watch it during replay but now with this super light ASUS Zenfone 2 I’m going to watch Live cricket with my friends in my Lab.
Swashbuckling appearance of ASUS Zenfone 2 can steal my friend’s heart. 

Hold ASUS Zenfone 2in your hand to become stellar in your group.

With ASUS Zenfone 2 Crystal-Clear, Razor-Sharp Display and five striking colored ASUS Zenfone 2 I’m going to be stellar in my group.

With smiles

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