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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My favourite thing to do :) :)

        A very sweet hello to all my fellow bloggers!!
Hope everyone of you having cheerful life and wearing a sparkling smile on your cute face.
I am penning down here after a while and during all these days I felt like I'm missing something.
Today, sitting on the couch I'm thinking and my thoughts are flying across the word “Missing”.
                           And I questioned myself, what I'm missing all these days?
My heart answered me, 
                 Hello! Vinny!  You totally had forgotten about your blog. 
   Yes! It’s true I'm not that much busy all these days, but skipped writing here for some reason [Interview preparation], but now I'm glad that somehow I managed to write over here. I thought I should write here because that’s been one of the things I've felt better doing, today and always.
              Now through this post I want to share about one of my hobby, which fills my heart with satisfaction and makes me very happy.
     That is “Collection of scientific articles and pooling my ideas over each one”.
Yeah! As I promised in the one of my previous post [Collecting Happiness] now, I'm giving a detailed description about my Hobby. 
Collecting Scientific articles:
                    I'm very passionate to collect Scientific articles and also to give comments on my own prepared book. I already won 2 books filled with all the articles collected by me and with my comments over there. Only my besties know all this stuff. And now my sweet .......sweet...... blogger friends. *Giggles*
                      This hobby may look childish, but I love it ya!.....
Here I'm adding some images of my Book,
This is the cover page of my book.  
I collected most of the articles from "The Hindu-Science & Technology" Portal.
On each page I wrote my views and ideas about each article.

I want to continue this hobby, which makes me happy. If you like this idea try it.
With Smiles,

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