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Sunday, 10 May 2015

A letter to my loving MOM..............:) :)

Dear *Loving mom,
                   God’s choicest blessing on me is you, *MOM*. There is no words to describe what you meant to me but today I want to write a letter,  that will partly satisfy my wish of expressing love towards you.                                                      
          I'm very blessed to have myself in your lovable hands, the right place for me. You are having been my strength and support since my first breath on this earth and through the every bit of my life.  Your love and affection had kept me strong throughout these years.
         Mom you are the one very close to my heart, my bestie. You are the one who cherishes with our smile, you are the one who knows every tear I have shed and you are the one behind every step I'm going to take.   
Dad *Mom*, You've given us everything we've asked for. Most significantly you gifted us with *spiritual intelligence, #Honesty and emotional intelligence because of that our hearts are always rich in love towards everyone*.
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Mom, you are my best friend and you are with me since I started my life. I thought that you are my Mentor but now I realized that you are not only my Mentor and my best friend too.
 I just wondered by-
  The way you loves me,
  How you give importance for every bit about my life
  How you care every step I'm going to take and
  How you support me even during my hard times.
Mom, you know everything that makes me happy and mom you know the value of every tear I shed. I was just wondered the way you holds my hand to protect me during every move of my life.
       I’m very blessed to have you momma…….!! If you ever seek for a love with no conditions, it’s only a Mother who can give it and nobody else, I bet you on that.

Really the greatest blessing that the God has given to us is, Mom. Love her, Respect her…………. :) :)
     Happy Mothers dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy J J
Really Mom’s love is magical and adorable.

With whole heart we (me and sis) are saying that, there is no one could replace you .
   I have nothing enough to repay you…..all that I have and want to give you is my eternal love.
    And beyond anything, all I want to say is, I love you!  my dear Dad and Mom.   
 I promise you that, I always be like same cute little one you held in your arms since my day one on this earth.

 With Love and affection towards you,
Vinny Evelyn.
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