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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Mom's LOVE-Magical LOVE

Written for:http://godrejexpert.com/single_used_pack.php

MOM-Heavenly Flower spreading the fragrance of divine Love:

Mom's love is the divine glimpse of love from the heaven
The sparkling smile on her face gives me support when I'm down
Her guidance shows me the right path
Her support gives me thousand watts strength 
She is the support and pillar for my ambitions and passions
God’s choicest blessing on me is, *MOM*. 
   There are no words to express my love towards her. And if I even write thousands of words I can’t satisfy to explain her love towards. 
 I just wondered! How amazingly Lord made Mom and child bond with divine love…..Really it was just a miraculous bond and eternal bond.
               I'm blessed to be in the lovable hands of Mom, the right place for me.

I'm going to open my sweet memories bank, [These are the memories which always cherish my heart],
    Here I want to mention some incidents that made my Mom very close to my heart[Every moment with Mom would be a good memory] and those are not only memories but also guidelines to live in this world.

Mom is there behind my spiritual intelligence:

                                   My Mom, Mentor for my spiritual intelligence. From my childhood, she thought me how to walk in the way of God. She put the eternal way before me with her prayers. Yeah! I walked every step with her. She gave me the wisdom to differentiate what is wrong and what is right. She gave me hope with her faith.
Here I want to mention one memory from my memory bank: *Smiles*
One day we are all in prayer and I'm tired with my project work, slowly I went into sleep during prayer. In my dreams, I'm getting scolded by Mom [That much strict she was about the prayer] with so much tension I opened my blinking eyes and I found that holding my   hand Mom was praying for me.[I saw true love towards me] and This memory was cherished in my heart. 
         With this incident, I learned how to love others unconditionally and how to be with the compassionate heart.
                               Really she is #My First Expert in my spiritual Intelligence.

Mom is there behind My Emotional Intelligence:

[Secret]Because of Mom’s love:                    
                         *Our hearts are always rich in love towards everyone*.
Mom thought me how to spread love to other by showering her love on me. And I learned so much from her, to respect elders,
                                        to love others unconditionally 
                                        and to love myself.  
When anyone asks for help she helps them wholeheartedly.
             From her, I learned how to help others.
Really she is #My First Expert in my Emotional Intelligence.  

 My Diet expert:

            I put on so much weight during my masters [Of course it's because of too much chocolate and ice cream eating. yeah! I love them specially.........Ho! my God if I raise this topic here it may end somewhere else so, I'm breaking this topic here and heading over to the main write-up topic*Smiles*]. After putting on weight, I got little down thinking about my weight. 
        For my shock, Mom became diet export for me. She designed a scheduled eating time table for me. And I lost 10 kg weight because of her strict diet schedule and I became slim.
                         From her continuous effort, I became little slim, from this I learned that if we try with hope and continuous effort anything would be possible.
                                                 Really she's my Diet expert
In my studies:
      In my studies when I'm down she gave me support to lift me up. She put so much effort to design my career path. Now, I became a Master's degree holder. 
      Mom and Dad are there behind my every success and they are the ones who trusted me even when some of our relatives pulling me back saying that, she may not reach expected levels in her studies,  despite of that they stood behind me and helped me to reach every goal in my life till today. Dad and Mom I also surprised that you learned 10th Maths, English and science lessons just to help me during my exams. Love you, Mom and Dad.
            From this unconditional love from Mom and Dad, I learned that we have to stay with our loved ones during their Ups and downs.And we have to encourage our friends during their downtime.   

My shopping expert:

Hurry! Mom and me love shopping[Specilly Window shopping] Haha......and we will enjoy every bit of shopping together.
If she selects a dress for me it will definitely better suits for me she is my fashion designer.  
    Dad and sis bears our crazy shopping’s, keep on calling to remind us to eat something and then shop *Love* (probably we both forget to eat food during shopping ha ha….). 
     Behind my every step, Mom was there. 
During my ups and down, 
During my winnings and losses 
During my struggles and strive.
Mom you are the one very close to my heart, my bestie. You are the one who cherishes with my smile, you are the one who knows every tear I have shed and you are the one behind every step I'm going to take.  
        I remember every littlel bit of our journey together until this day. You are the best parents I've known.With kneeling down I'm saying so sorry for the little mistakes I have done. I know I've disobeyed a lot of times, but still you  held me so close and never let me go.
  With the whole heart, I'm saying that there is no one could replace you.
   I have nothing enough to repay you…..all that I have and want to give you is my eternal love. And beyond anything, all I want to say is, I love you!  my dear  Mom.  
 I promise you that, I always be like a same cute little one you held in your arms since my day one on this earth.
With Lots of love, hugs and with never ending love.............
1.In this article, every word is dropped from my Pen.
2.I'm dedicating this article to "My Loving Mom and "Godrejexpert " http://godrejexpert.com/single_used_pack.php [For giving such a good topic to write]

         Every photo collage is made by me and every quote is written by me.

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