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Thursday, 28 May 2015

My Airtel app

Do visit: http://www.airtel.in/myairtel.
      I felt totally feeling happy after knowing all the features of the ‘My Airtel’ application. Really, it is an easily accessible and also self manageable app. In my words it is like keeping all my favorites in one plate to serve me.
We can see wide range of fresh features and capabilities in ‘My Airtel’ mobile application.
        I like every little bit of this app which can showcase wide range of deals like my airtel my offers, extra internet and cash back offers etc. 
During all these days I got struck with the thoughts like hoooo! I’m wasting my money with all this recharges, My god! How can I manage all the favorite stuff on one page to remember and how to pay the bill safely? But with this app I got the answers. They are,
Here I’m giving 3 most wonderful features at pulled me to talk about this app.
1. 'Airtel Surprises',
2. I want to,

3. Payment and recharge.

1.Airtel Surprises: Now I can get coupons for my every recharge such an amazing thing.
In this commercialized world giving return gift means showing love :P.
         Now through this app meaning of recharge is converted into saving money.  
When I’m going to recharge my phone I always think that, Oh my Gosh! I ‘m wasting Dad’s  money. I have to reduce my mobile expenses. But from today onwards I’m going to recharge my phone frequently to get my gift vouchers. ;)
Wow……And they are also provided some categories like shopping, entrainment etc. to redeem our coupons.
I love shopping I choose to apt shopping to redeem my every coupon. I’m totally exited to experience this surprise.
And it’s asking our birthday date maybe it’s going to surprise during our birthday. Hoping to get the surprise.
2.I want to: A quick action home screen shortcuts manager to all our favorite activities.. With this now I can see my every task on my home page. During all these days I have to check my wallet or my book to now all the stuff like paying bills, recharge history. But now with in no time I can easily get even my recharge history with single swipe. Bill payment, data consumed everything is on single home page screen to find.
3.Payment and recharge: Now through this app I can pay my bills safely. Till now I have to open my open my laptop and have to select virtual keypad to enter my pin due to security errors . Airtel’s payment stack is now PCI-DSS certified to ensure a safe, secure and faster check out experience.  So, today onwards I’m going to pay my bills safely through this app, whether they may be post paid or prepaid. 

I felt the digital experience with new shake your phone feature of the ‘My Airtel’ application, which is fairly simple and easy to navigate.
  I’m going to suggest this app to my friends too and dear reader to you toooo…….download the app and enjoy every feature in it. I’m sure that you will become busy after downloading the app yes yar…..yes features are that much tempting. 

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