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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Huge loss to the Nation

Really...... Really it was a huge loss to the Nation.
         I never envisage about posting anything like this one. I've never thought I would live through such an heart wrenching situation for the one that I have never met before but it's happened,  [I need to share it with you all]. It's happened  when I caught to see the scrolling on TV screen that says " Former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir was collapsed during a lecture at the IIM in Shillong".I was just numb for few minutes.
                          Yesterday when I'm practising songs, Mom called me with strange voice I just went there and happened to watch at the TV screen. My face just turned into a straight sort one after seeing the news, that says "Former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the 'missile man' who came to be known as 'People's President' was collapsed during a lecture at the IIM in Shillong". All this was happened at around 6:30PM. I'm just praying for his recovery in my heart.  I watched the news again and again to see if there was anything latest.I still had a hope that “He’s gonna be perfectly alright". He will be back to inspire soo many students like me.
     And after 2 hours I Rushed to turn the television on, and it was already tuned to the news channel and I see the Former President APJ Abdul Kalam photograph as before, but wait there is a change in scrolling it was changed from "Dr. Kalam suffered a massive cardiac arrest during the lecture at IIM, Shillong" to  "End of an era: 'Missile man' Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam passes away after cardiac arrest". And there was something on the picture, it was dated 1931-2015. Gosh! I was all cold and numb. and it was like bolt from the blue.
                 I just ran towards my laptop and find his last tweet and I read almost every article about him throughout the day . His contribution to the country and humanity is great and immense.
         In his literary pursuit my favorite four books are - "Wings of Fire", "India 2020 - A Vision for the New Millennium", "My journey" and "Ignited Minds - Unleashing the power within India". Of course I just want to read them deeply again now. 
            And I could lend my ears for his poetry and quotes I have a huge collection of poetry written by him. I'm always inspired by his poetry I'm sharing one of them which is very close to my heart.
                                                 Indomitable spirit
I was swimming in the sea, 
Waves came one after the other 

I was swimming and swimming to reach my destination. 

But one wave, a powerful wave, overpowered me; 

It took me along in its own direction,
I was pulled long and along.
When I was about to lose amidst the sea wave power, 
One thought flashed to me, yes, that is courage 
Courage to reach my goal, courage to defeat the powerful force and succeed;
With courage in my mind, indomitable spirit engulfed me, 
With indomitable spirit in mind and action, 
I regained lost confidence
I can win, win and win
Strength came back to me, overpowered the sea wave 
I reached the destination, my mission.
                                                                                                            Dr. APJ Abdulkalam
       I always follow his tweets most of the tweets form him are links to news about scientific discoveries.space exploration,water conversation and Renewable energy probably they are the subjects very close to his heart -- but the same heart that failed him. And his last tweet is, 

He is inspiration to all of us and he inspires every heart through his books *He won hearts of the people*, and he lives in our heart.  

   I know you have never seen me before, but you've been my inspiration. And I believe that your contributions to the nation and your humanity are the pillars to the heavenly missile to hit the heaven. I hope you landed safely in the heaven. No one can replace you, no one can complete the work like you did. We salute you sir.  
           I'm dedicating this article to you sir. It's my smallest tribute to legendary Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam from my little heart.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

I'm placed in the hands of # Friendly Parents

                                     Do visit: https://www.facebook.com/mychocos

 " Behind every talented kid there is Perfect parenting"
I'm wearing an invisible crown it guides me in every step of my life-
                                       That crown is morals and values from my friendly parents.
   I'm holding an invisible umbrella, it protects me
                                       That umbrella is unconditional love from my friendly parents.
 A special kind of love exists between parents and children  - Loving, forgiving, supporting, teaching, sharing are the pillars of that love. Main thing about that love is, it is unconditional. As we all placed in perfect hands . Feel blessed, feel loved!

Childhood, amazing phage in everyone's life and it's perfect phage where every one of us learn how to step forward in a right way. I'm placed in the hands of my buddy parents, the right place for me .
My parents are my Friendly teachers during every bit of my life.
   They are mentors of  my path
         They became my best buddies during every moment specially when I'm down.
             when I fell down they lifted me up, when I did any mistake they forgiven me like my best buddies.

1. Dad friendly kind words gave me good heart to support people who are in need:

                 One day Mom and me planned to go for shopping. A woman from our church area came and her face tells us that something is happened. She with her breaking voice told us that her grand kid was suddenly got sick and she need some money. And she will return money with in 2 days. Immediately Dad opened his wallet and gave money to her. Ho! at that moment Dad appeared like hero. And I became fan to him.

                       After few minutes I went to Dad and asked like "Dad! we are going to shopping as we planned yesterday" so please give us money. He responded like this " Vinny! I gave all the money to that women who came to take our help. As today is Sunday, holiday for bank I will arrange money tomorrow at 10 AM . I was just upset [in fact I'm crying] and looking Dad with straight sort of face, then Dad told me in this way [like a friend] , If we help others when they are in trouble God watches all this from heaven and bless us with more blessings. Shopping,  we can do it tomorrow also but if I not give money to them they will suffer a lot. Of course he gave money on the next day and we went shopping.
       Dad's friendly way of teaching made me to help others when they are in need.

2.Mom and Dad friendly parenting made me to grow as a Honest kid 

   3.Dad's teaching during my study: 

       They are my best friends.When I'm in 10th class I never wished to go to tuition and want to stay in home. I told Dad about this, If any one is there in that place they will never obey my request but Dad responded like "Ok then" I will help you in your studies, if you don't like to go there just leave it.
                  From that day onwards he studied Maths, English and social studies lessons from my books to instruct me and guide me. Mom learned Science lessons only to help me in my studies because of their help I got good percentage.
               They are my heavenly blessings, because if I'm in my Dad or Mom place I never obey my child request and send them to the tuition. But they never ever did that to me they just understood me just put all their time for my studies. Thanks to them for understanding me unconditionally like my best buddies.                                                

    4. Mom and Dad friendly parenting gave freedom to choose my way:    

     This is the another situation where I feel like my parents are my best friends, After my PG, I decided to do my Ph.D. in my favorite subject "new drug discovery". In the final semester of PG, I got busy with submitting applications to all the universities in UK.
  When I'm applying for Ph.D. I never think about the issues like,
                                                   I'm going to stay away from my parents.
                                                   I'm going to miss my friends.
      Every trial is bounced back like a ball.  *Sad* [But it gave a new start] 
      But  my parents are happy because they don't want to stay away from me. *Love*
       Everything landed in a different way, my every dream got curtain downed suddenly,   I got bliss gap in my career.  I got wrapped up in confusion and felt little low by thinking about my future because I never planned anything about the job other than Ph.D.
I thought that every door is closed but never expected that already one door is swing opened to welcome me, that door leaded me into the biggest happiness.
I'm totally in a confused state and felt alone:
           The days are going, I'm staying in my home and  trying to get a job. In childhood we spend most of the day in school, we always spend more time with our friends *true*.By sitting alone, I'm thinking how I miss them and their support. 
         By seeing my confusion Mom and Dad told me that, "don’t take it seriously getting job is easy but getting satisfaction is important move in your own way to get it. Come on get up take some gap and enjoy it."  
      These words changed me, my thinking, my desires and my thoughts went in a positive way.
 With the power of positive thinking. I started a new life. 
                        And Mom and Dad became my best buddies.

By this I conclude that buddy parenting can maintain such a sensitive bond and improves child comfortability and gives wings to them to fly in a right way.

Thanks to kellogg's chocos for giving such a good topic to write. 

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With smiles,

1.In this article, every word is dropped from my Pen.
2.I'm dedicating this article to Mom and Dad and Kellogg's chocos.
         Every photo collage is made by me and every quote is written by me.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Heart filled with Music :) :)

The thing I always Love to do is,
            Sitting on the terrace at the night watching the sky filled with the sparkling shine of stars with the cool waves touching my cheeks, little raindrops falling on my palms,
and listening to my favorite songs *Music* and thinking about the best moments of my life, the best moments *Blushing*. Yeah! this is the thing I always Love to do .
       In this article I'm going to open my playlist of songs which are always very close to my heart and fills my heart with music. 
 "A sweet lullaby from mother's voice can make newborn to sleep" this tells how much we love *MUSIC* from our first breath.
Here we go, 

1. Feel the Light : (From the Movie - Home)
                  This song would be always top in my playlist. Like cherry on the top. The adorable vocals of Jennifer moves my heart into a wonderful imaginary world.And I love the every chord in this song.                                         

My favorite lines in this songs are,

"I Still Remember when things were Broken
But put together , the cracks were closing"

"Now we have another Chance To Fly
Another Chance to Make it Right !"
When I'm down I will definitely  listen to these lines again and again to inspire myself and to move forward in my own way.
Simply this song boosts me during my down time.

2. Tera Hone Laga Hoon:(From the movie - ajab prem ki ghazab kahani)

      This is the song  that pampers me a lot. The voices in this song not only sung the song but they just expressed the feel. When I'm going to write about this song I listened this song for more than 10 times.Every line in this song express feeling of love in simple sentences with adorable music chords.
The fusion of English and Hindi lyrics and the voice of #Alisha chinai always draws my attention.
3. Hamdard:(From the movie - ek villain)
          Every time when I listen to this song tears run down our my cheeks. Oh my God! A boy can love this much. I find one soul for two bodies in this song. I just not able to explain how much I love this song because if I start to explain here it will break somewhere else so I'm breaking hear.
             From this song I understand that Love is Caring heartfully.

        In real life some people are blessed with so much love. I hope everyone should be blessed with this much love but for the ones who are waiting for your soul mate this song is enough to feel the love. ;) ;) 
4. How to believe: ( From the movie - Thinker Bell)
Call me childish! No problem! but I like every song from Thinker bell series specially "How to believe" song.Music in this song makes me to feel like a fairy. And every word in this song beautifully explains about true friendship that we keep between our friends. This song keeps me to remind my childhood friends.
            When I feel lonely I just listen this song again and again, it awakes my childhood memories and consoles my heart.       
Simply my small request to my best buddies is,
                                                "Hold my hand and fly,
                                                 Never say goodbye.
                                                 Cross the open sky,
                                               Leave the world behind.
                                                    I will be alright.
                                               If you stay by my side."

5. This is me:(From the movie - camp rock)
                This song simply says that every silent girl is crazy inside and she never let others to see her craziness but behind that craziness their lies unconditional love only visible to the one she loves much. ;) ;) [Hey! don't look at me doubtfully because no doubt about it, I'm crazy inside.] haha.....................:) :) 

6.Chaar kadam: (From the movie - PK)
In this song I love the lyrics soooo much. Every word is like a promise to one an other. And the music beets are awesome they simply leads me to the wonderland where I can only find musical chords.
                   The magical voices of Shaan andShreya Ghoshal are assets to this song.


7. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai: (From the movie - Kuch kuch hota hai)
                The melodious music in this song always connects me to this song. The beautiful lyrics and the voice of  Udit Narayan and alka Yagnik carried the melodious feel all over the song. I love the magical sounds from the strings of Violin.

 8. Lavender's blue Dilly dilly:(From the movie - cinderella)
                                       one of the amazing song with wonderful slow music. This is my first favorite song since my childhood to till now.
                I just listen to this song when I feel like my dreams are being neglected. This song gives me hope to believe in destiny and I believe that one day my rainbow will come with smile in my way.

  9. Enade Edho ayyindi:(From the movie - Prema)
           This is the song composed by sir Maestro Ilayaraja, my favorite music director and this is my favorite song in Telugu. If you listen to this song you would definitely become addicted to this song. Just make some time and listen to it.                                   

Also do watch the new “Taazgi Ka Dhamaka” video featuring Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda, I like every dance bit and every music chord from this video.

                                 Music, that moves my pen when I'm writing
                                  Music, that gives inspiration to my writings
                                   Music, that fills my heart when I'm down
                                Music,that pampers me during my worst time 

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity atBlogAdda in association with Colgate MaxFresh

With smiles,
Vinny Evelyn

Friday, 10 July 2015

Honey Diet

Written for:  http://www.daburhoney.com/    Do visit : Honey Diet.
                    I was very excited to write about "Honey Diet - A sweeter alternative" because I'm following Honey Diet every day since 2 years and I realized that honey is the one of the most wonderful thing with high nutritious value.  
            During my Graduation I put on so much weight because of that I became little down thinking about my weight. With the suggestion of my Mom I started using  honey . And replaced sugar with honey in my diet.  
                Every morning I used to drink Lukewarm water by mixing with lemon juice and Dabur honey. This helped me a lot to lose my weight. And at the morning I make a habit to drink beetroot juice with honey. And used bread and honey as my evening snack.  To my surprise it actually helped me in increasing my metabolic rate. Things are going perfectly.  
Crash diet- Crashed every effort that I put to lose my weight: (Sad thing) 
                One day my friends are discussing about crash diet. They told me that we can lose 3-4 kgs weight with in one week. I just unknowingly followed crash diet for some days .And followed this diet for about two weeks. As I suddenly shifted to crash diet by restricting my calories in diet. Because of taking low calorie food, my skin became dull and I found some rash on my cheeks. When I consult a doctor for this the doctor told me thabecause of vitamin deficiency the rash appeared on my skin. And I found that my metabolic rate was decreased. Then I realized that becoming thin is important but in a right way by securing our health.   
              As a science student I grabbed the answer for my question, Why crash diet doesn't worked on me? 
              When I suddenly reduce the amount of calories going to take , the body responded in a way that it turned little calories into fat without supplying nutrition to my body . Then when I start eating “normally” again, the body has already set itself to a lower level of calorie burning, so I gain weight back faster than I took it off.  
                 Then I realized that balanced healthy diet is very important for us to follow. And I again started using Dabur honey in my diet and following some simple exercises and yoga asanas . It helped me a lot to improve my metabolic rate. When I eat fruits  I will definitely add Dabur honey in that. slowly I started eating half boiled vegetables as part of my meal.It helped me a lot to reduce my weight. 
            I my view,  Healthy eating is entirely not about strict dietary limitations, staying unrealistically thin, sacrificing my favorite ice creams, chocolates and staying all the day hungry . Rather, it’s about feeling great, having more energy with little amount of high calorie food , improving outlook of not only body but our skin too, and stabilizing our mood.By following  these simple tips, I became healthy. 
        With regular exercise and Dabur Honey I have managed to lose my weight in a healthy way.    
Simply Dabur honey is, 
     "Honey that retains its natural properties and pure honey comes to you with the promise of good      health and fitness." 
                                     Thanks to Dabur Honey and Honey diet.  

With Smiles, 

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