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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Cricket Fever

 Written for: http://www.ucweb.com/  Do visit: UC Cricket.
Cricket Fever: 
                                I was very excited and interested to watch cricket. There came a situation like this, I have to attend for a seminar and at the same day IPL match was scheduled. Oh! my God! want to do. Then come across an idea it totally helped me to balance both cricket and seminar tooooo . (Giggles) 
                When I'm talking to my friends about cricket they always talk about UC browser. That is the browser that uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology and also have download manager. Suddenly I have got an idea to download that browser and land on UC cricket portal but at that time I don't even have a cell phone(in our college mobiles are strictly prohibited) if have to download that browser I need smart phone. I'm thinking all of this in my college bus and got an idea to go back home and do some plan to watch the cricket. 
                 I stepped  down from the bus in the next stop and came back to home. Searched for Mom's phone. Yes! you got it I borrowed Mom's phones for this day and downloaded UC browser. And started to attend the seminar. Things went beautifully during the journey there is no problem with the server but the problem is how to take this phone into seminar hall.  
                 In our college, watchman will check our bags and then he will allows us into the college. After so much thinking I got an Idea to please him to allow my phone only for today ( such a stupid idea) .  Again I got an idea to go back home and watch cricket by sitting comfortably on my couch eating popcorn and on next day I should go back to the college with straight sort of face holding leave letter in one hand and holding glucose water bottle in other hand (Hey! don't laugh those are fever build-ups). (again biggest stupid Idea because that seminar is very important for me).   
       (In bus) As I'm very busy in planning this and watching cricket in UC browser, I forgotten about which stop is arrived. When I took glance through the window of the bus I noticed that my college stop is already arrived. I just stepped down from the bus. When I looked around I found that  all of my friends are carrying their phones. With straight sort of face I asked them hey! Is there no checking in our college for mobiles? the awesome answer from them is, they got message from one of our Madam that whole staff were going to attend meeting in main branch. Seminar will be conducted by only two of our lectures. We entered into seminar hall royally.And we kept our phone  in our dusk  in silent mode and followed seminar and cricket match simultaneously. Finally I realized that If I don't even carry my phone surely I could get cricket updates from my friends. 
                                 Know abou UC cricket by watching this video

             Anyway happy ending. The match is completed and my favourite team own the game I'm so happy for that. 
               of course! We all stood on the bench for watching cricket during seminar. [Punishment;)] but what to do, we just went to home and applied amrutanjan to our brains don't look at me with straight sort of face I mean that we  applied amrutanjan to our knees where our brains stuck safely haha............ 
        As Data compression reduces data consumption while users are browsing through US browser it helped us a lot to watch the whole match. Thanks to UC browser and UC cricket. 
With smiles,

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