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Friday, 10 July 2015

Honey Diet

Written for:  http://www.daburhoney.com/    Do visit : Honey Diet.
                    I was very excited to write about "Honey Diet - A sweeter alternative" because I'm following Honey Diet every day since 2 years and I realized that honey is the one of the most wonderful thing with high nutritious value.  
            During my Graduation I put on so much weight because of that I became little down thinking about my weight. With the suggestion of my Mom I started using  honey . And replaced sugar with honey in my diet.  
                Every morning I used to drink Lukewarm water by mixing with lemon juice and Dabur honey. This helped me a lot to lose my weight. And at the morning I make a habit to drink beetroot juice with honey. And used bread and honey as my evening snack.  To my surprise it actually helped me in increasing my metabolic rate. Things are going perfectly.  
Crash diet- Crashed every effort that I put to lose my weight: (Sad thing) 
                One day my friends are discussing about crash diet. They told me that we can lose 3-4 kgs weight with in one week. I just unknowingly followed crash diet for some days .And followed this diet for about two weeks. As I suddenly shifted to crash diet by restricting my calories in diet. Because of taking low calorie food, my skin became dull and I found some rash on my cheeks. When I consult a doctor for this the doctor told me thabecause of vitamin deficiency the rash appeared on my skin. And I found that my metabolic rate was decreased. Then I realized that becoming thin is important but in a right way by securing our health.   
              As a science student I grabbed the answer for my question, Why crash diet doesn't worked on me? 
              When I suddenly reduce the amount of calories going to take , the body responded in a way that it turned little calories into fat without supplying nutrition to my body . Then when I start eating “normally” again, the body has already set itself to a lower level of calorie burning, so I gain weight back faster than I took it off.  
                 Then I realized that balanced healthy diet is very important for us to follow. And I again started using Dabur honey in my diet and following some simple exercises and yoga asanas . It helped me a lot to improve my metabolic rate. When I eat fruits  I will definitely add Dabur honey in that. slowly I started eating half boiled vegetables as part of my meal.It helped me a lot to reduce my weight. 
            I my view,  Healthy eating is entirely not about strict dietary limitations, staying unrealistically thin, sacrificing my favorite ice creams, chocolates and staying all the day hungry . Rather, it’s about feeling great, having more energy with little amount of high calorie food , improving outlook of not only body but our skin too, and stabilizing our mood.By following  these simple tips, I became healthy. 
        With regular exercise and Dabur Honey I have managed to lose my weight in a healthy way.    
Simply Dabur honey is, 
     "Honey that retains its natural properties and pure honey comes to you with the promise of good      health and fitness." 
                                     Thanks to Dabur Honey and Honey diet.  

With Smiles, 

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