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Monday, 31 August 2015

My Love on Chocolates :) :) [Silly one]

       I always have been in the dream of  getting chocolaty in the chocolate rain ( but with the promise of no weight gain). Yeah! If you have chocolate rains especially with cadbury brand ;) Oh my Gosh, we will find chocolate lakes on the earth. There is no need to listen classes from Mom saying that, Don't eat chocolates you are putting on sooooo much weight.
                     By the way I ain't  that much chocolate eater.
                                    But one thing ! I want to say is, If my friends lost their chocolates they first checks my bag but they didn't find it. *true*
And they would found me like this,                                                  
Funny and crazy
                               Me:    *Whispering Slowly* It's in my stomach not in my bag

                               *laughs* *smiles* *laughs* *smiles* and *laughs* and *smiles*

  Hey don't mind! I only steal chocolates from my friends.

 Moral: After stealing, just ate up all the chocolate.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Tinyowl :)

Written for: TinyOwl on Android and TinyOwl on iOS
One day I gifted chocolates and pizza to my sister and my cousins. They thanked for the surprise gift for them. We all ate pizza remembering every situation from our childhood. Next day I have lot of work to do. Due to work I was bit tired and I have much more work like writing some homework. I wrote 2 pages and wanted some boost to get refresh. I love chocolates so, I decided to eat chocolates but my chocolate pouch was empty because I already  ate them. I just planned to eat my sisters chocolate she was sleeping so I ate all her chocolates. After few minutes she woke up and asked for her chocolates and scolded me. Luckily I only ate one part of the chocolate and gave it back to my sister but she wanted full chocolate what to  do It was her chance.  And ordered me to make some food stuff to eat. After few minutes she came back saying " Ok! give me that part of chocolate!". My face turned into straight sort one because in between I ate remaining part too. 

This was happened during my graduation first year. And I don't know how to cook. So I got a thought to search on internet to know if there are any sites  which could deliver food with in short span of time to the area where we are living  but I didn't find even one site.  So, I finally decided to cook and I searched all the kitchen I don't know how to prepare perfectly but tried to make Gulab jamun but I got something which was looking like Halwa. My sister and my cousins laughed and named that thing as "Gulab halwa" with caption no one can eat it. Finally I brought 2 chocolates for her on the next day. *Food fix*  And now I somewhat perfect in cooking.  
                          I remembered all this thing when I accidentally saw a Food ordering app named Tiny Owl. And it has an attracting logo resembling "tiny owl" .If the app like this one is there during that day I could only order food stuff from this app without making Gulab halwa. [Haha..........] . During those days we have to go to restaurant and have to order some food but now we're just a tap away from delicious food! with this simple and easy to use app TinyOwl .During our childhood if I found this app I will definitely order Pizzas through this app without going anywhere. 
This app TinyOwl gives information like  
                                                                best dishes in our locality,  
                                                                Single tap is enough to order food, 
                                                                there are more range of payment options, 
                                                                 and tracking option also there in this app .    
All of cousins are planning get together .  I told them about this app Tinyowl. After knowing this we are planning to order some food stuff for our get together.   I'm going to order pizzas, burgers and the famous Hyderabadi biryani through this app saving our time because we only get very little time for our party with all these busy schedules in our lives.      
You can check out TinyOwl at : TinyOwl on Android and TinyOwl on iOS

Shooting star :) :)

Random Drawing dropped from my pencil,
                                                                    Love to see shooting star
                                                                It is the message from the God
                                                                    A promise for the Hope
                                                        Ho! Shooting star! I'm waiting to see you
With Smiles,
Vinny Eelyn 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Impact of Thinker bell on me :) :)

I love series of thinker bell movies so much. Each movie made special impact on me. Infect I started behaving like THINK. Haha......... my friends changed my name as THINKER. :) :) *Smiles*

When I look at the sky, I always wish for some extra stars in the sky.

I want to share one conversation about my wish,
             After getting this thought, I rang phone to my bestie, phone's ringing (I kept thinking how beautiful my idea was and kept saying yee...heeee.......hoooo ) she lifted the phone.

Friend: Ha! Vinnnnn.........  interrupts

 Me : Heyyyyyyyy! Yeeeee........I wish for some stars in the sky. *smiles*

Friend:  Uff....you lazy potato. Final exams are on the board to start but you are thinking about stars........ (with loud voice) Just wait up there...... I will show more stars to you....I'm coming to your home....

Me: Huh! Nay! (She was like a tutor to me.....she even don't give break time to me by pushing all the stuff to read)(I need more breaks than studying ha....ha....)

After 15 mins she landed with so many books and thrown away every book on my face saying, "ooooo you wish for some extra stars".............. I'm giving extra books to you just read them and then think about stars.
Boo hoo :(
         To me the idea of studying is like, butterflies in my stomach. ( All of my friends think that, I always read but my besties only know, how lazy I'm to read subject books shhh.... )
Me: Boo hoo :(                                                        

Friend: *Laughs*

Friday, 21 August 2015

Making Greeting cards-My favourite hobby

Making Greeting cards:
                                  Yes, the best ever hobby. I love making greeting cards from my childhood. Most of the cards made by me are only for my family members and for my besties.
             If I ever gifted you with the greeting card definitely you are my best friend *smiles*. I want to send birthday wish to everyone in this world (If I knew it was his/her birthday).
With this enthusiasm one day I'm calling my friend on the day of her birthday:
Phones ringing, I'm twirling the phone cord with my fingers .........(I’m wa-ay excited thinking that, she might feel very happy with my call lalalalallaa (Singing yar........) and also thinking to frame one birthday song for her)
She: hey!vinn…..
Me:  *Singing with increasing my voice pitch* Happy birthday to you! Many gold rings to you! Many diamond pendants to you! Many hot cakes for you! Many teddy bears for you!                                                        
                                                             (After singing whole song)
  *I’m expecting words like, (oh! vinny how would you remember my birthday?. It’s really nice of you.)*
She: haha! Nice song ! Is there anything left?
Me: Yeah! I have another surprise for you!
She: Hey! Hey! Keep that surprise safe till my birthday. My birthday is on 21st re.
     (Actually her birthday is on 21st and me, with my over excitation called her on 12th only)
Me: *setting my throat*yeah! I know, these are advanced wishes for you ma.(I thought to cover it *brilliant*) 
BlinkShe: Haha! Enough Vinny! I know about you, don't act smart ha! *Smiles* and don't cover off. *actually she was brilliant*
Me: *Blink* *Blink*
                                         *smiles* *Smiles*
      Note: Before calling to wish your friend just confirm the birthday date.

Airtel 4G

Written for:  http://www.airtel.in/4g/               Do visit: http://www.airtel.in/4g/
Now we are in the era of internet and going in 3G way. In this time the word 4G really means a lot to us.
 That to giving 4G available at  3G price is a good news to everyone.
 That to Getting a 4G SIM is just a tweet away - #GetAirtel4G is an outstanding thing
      and door delivering 4G sim is an awesome news
                                     the whole credit goes to Airtel 4G.
This super fast 4G going to add extra comfort to my browsing. Till now when I'm going to open or save any  image it take few minutes time but now with Airtel 4G it maybe done with in few seconds.
A True  4G Experience with Airtel 4G           
 My favorite reading – My favorite photography
                    My favorite video calling to my cousins, my favorite Live cricket,                 
            amazingly all these favorite things can be done with super fast speed.  
 With this Super fast Airtel 4G ,
                                    1.I'm going to blog without any lag
                                    2. I'm going to Pay bills with in minutes
                                    3. I'm going to watch cricket without any buffering
                                    4. It's super easy to connect with my cousins by this super fast 4G.
1. Blogging:
        I love blogging, reading my friends blogs and collecting my study related articles. 
                During all these days when I want to write a article it will take some minutes to load my page because it has so many animated pictures. But now with this 4G it will load with much more speed. I'm going to blog with out any lag.And I'm going to download my favourite books and novels through online with great speed.
                        Totally Airtel 4G is time saving one for me.
2.Paying bills:
              Now a days we can pay our bills through on line sites. When we are going to book tickets in on line we have to open lot more pages like list of travelling agencies , payment page etc... it will take much more time to take all these steps but now with this Airtel 4G number of pages to load may be same but time to load all this definitely decreases.
3. Watching cricket:
              When I'm going to watch cricket in online it will always buffer to load, it was totally irritating to wait and I will quit to watch cricket online and opt to watch it's replay in TV after finishing my work but now with super fast Airtel 4G I'm going to watch cricket with out any buffer.
4. Video calling:
               With this 4G I'm going to connect with my cousins within seconds without any lag.All these days when I'm going to connect on skype with my cousins it will take lot more time to connect to them during this time I became vexed and I call them through my phone loosing all my balance in my phone but now with this super fast Airtel 4G all the problem is solved.
                                   Thanks to Airtel 4G.
With smiles,
Vinny Evelyn

Thursday, 20 August 2015

My Room - My Dreamy world

My room maybe the little corner in the whole universe but it is my dreamy world, 
               Where I can sing, dance, laugh,cry without any fear. It knows every phage in my life. Like mothers's lap it gave more comfort to me during every panic situation. As a token of gratitude all I want to do for it is,  modernising it more beautifully and comfortably in a way that would fully resemble my heart and my taste in interior designing. 
It is the rough structure of my room ,
Here, Pink and Lavender colours indicates colour of the walls and I gave numbers to each side to explain what should be there in that side.

My room is coloured with cream colour but I want to change it with my favourite  colours pink and lavender.
On wall 1 of my Room (the catch up area): 
                            When some one enters into  my room their first look probably points on this wall. So, I want  to design this wall elegantly. I love to write and do some artistic work ,the wall art that I'm going to select must give inspiration to me. 
                                                         On Godrej interio photo I got to see some wall art with lights on lavender colour. I just loved it and want to make it as highlight to my room.                               

On wall 2 of my Room (Mesmerizing area): 

                            I want this area must be filled with every memorable moment that means, So when I look at that wall it will bring back every memorable moment. 
          So,I want hang selected phonographs from my childhood to till now. And I want to colour it with Pink colour.

On wall 3 of my Room:
                        Presently on side 3 of my wall I have cupboards, they are enough to store my stuff . on this side all I want to replace is my desk chair with a comfortable High back Bravo. As I work more on computers, I have to sit on it for more than 4 hours so a chair like Bravo may give more comfort than the previous one.
On wall 4 of My Room:
                        When I see this side of my wall it must give inspiration to my every move. So I want to hang my favourite Bible verses and inspirational quotes. And I want to colour it with pink colour.
On wall 1, right side , 
                              I wish to dedicate this area to my laptop desk. 
On wall 2, left side ,
                          In this area I want to insert a pink colour book rack or a cupboard to fill all my books.Like 3 rack slimline with locker. There must be locker to all my confidential documents like the stories and articles written by me. Haha......... :) :) 
       I want to replace my bed with larger size one like, Magnus king bed or Karbon bed set. 
         Last time when I went to my friend's house where I caught to see this karbon bed set I loved it. They told me they brought it from Godrej interio. On one side of my room i want to arrange some sofa cum bed, like Slumber for my guests. 
                        Finally I want to make my room as a comfortable lap to hold me.

“I am participating in the  Upload and Transform #HomeCanvas activity in association with Godrej Interio and BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can still be a part of this activity. Here’s how” in their blog post.
 With smiles, 
Vinny evelyn

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Lazy me.. Silly one.... :) :)

He he .................. A small drawing by me
Hey don't roll your eyes. In all these days I'm spending much more time exploring skills in me. After Blogging, second place goes to drawing.  :) :) 

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