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Friday, 21 August 2015

Airtel 4G

Written for:  http://www.airtel.in/4g/               Do visit: http://www.airtel.in/4g/
Now we are in the era of internet and going in 3G way. In this time the word 4G really means a lot to us.
 That to giving 4G available at  3G price is a good news to everyone.
 That to Getting a 4G SIM is just a tweet away - #GetAirtel4G is an outstanding thing
      and door delivering 4G sim is an awesome news
                                     the whole credit goes to Airtel 4G.
This super fast 4G going to add extra comfort to my browsing. Till now when I'm going to open or save any  image it take few minutes time but now with Airtel 4G it maybe done with in few seconds.
A True  4G Experience with Airtel 4G           
 My favorite reading – My favorite photography
                    My favorite video calling to my cousins, my favorite Live cricket,                 
            amazingly all these favorite things can be done with super fast speed.  
 With this Super fast Airtel 4G ,
                                    1.I'm going to blog without any lag
                                    2. I'm going to Pay bills with in minutes
                                    3. I'm going to watch cricket without any buffering
                                    4. It's super easy to connect with my cousins by this super fast 4G.
1. Blogging:
        I love blogging, reading my friends blogs and collecting my study related articles. 
                During all these days when I want to write a article it will take some minutes to load my page because it has so many animated pictures. But now with this 4G it will load with much more speed. I'm going to blog with out any lag.And I'm going to download my favourite books and novels through online with great speed.
                        Totally Airtel 4G is time saving one for me.
2.Paying bills:
              Now a days we can pay our bills through on line sites. When we are going to book tickets in on line we have to open lot more pages like list of travelling agencies , payment page etc... it will take much more time to take all these steps but now with this Airtel 4G number of pages to load may be same but time to load all this definitely decreases.
3. Watching cricket:
              When I'm going to watch cricket in online it will always buffer to load, it was totally irritating to wait and I will quit to watch cricket online and opt to watch it's replay in TV after finishing my work but now with super fast Airtel 4G I'm going to watch cricket with out any buffer.
4. Video calling:
               With this 4G I'm going to connect with my cousins within seconds without any lag.All these days when I'm going to connect on skype with my cousins it will take lot more time to connect to them during this time I became vexed and I call them through my phone loosing all my balance in my phone but now with this super fast Airtel 4G all the problem is solved.
                                   Thanks to Airtel 4G.
With smiles,
Vinny Evelyn

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