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Monday, 31 August 2015

My Love on Chocolates :) :) [Silly one]

       I always have been in the dream of  getting chocolaty in the chocolate rain ( but with the promise of no weight gain). Yeah! If you have chocolate rains especially with cadbury brand ;) Oh my Gosh, we will find chocolate lakes on the earth. There is no need to listen classes from Mom saying that, Don't eat chocolates you are putting on sooooo much weight.
                     By the way I ain't  that much chocolate eater.
                                    But one thing ! I want to say is, If my friends lost their chocolates they first checks my bag but they didn't find it. *true*
And they would found me like this,                                                  
Funny and crazy
                               Me:    *Whispering Slowly* It's in my stomach not in my bag

                               *laughs* *smiles* *laughs* *smiles* and *laughs* and *smiles*

  Hey don't mind! I only steal chocolates from my friends.

 Moral: After stealing, just ate up all the chocolate.

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