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Thursday, 20 August 2015

My Room - My Dreamy world

My room maybe the little corner in the whole universe but it is my dreamy world, 
               Where I can sing, dance, laugh,cry without any fear. It knows every phage in my life. Like mothers's lap it gave more comfort to me during every panic situation. As a token of gratitude all I want to do for it is,  modernising it more beautifully and comfortably in a way that would fully resemble my heart and my taste in interior designing. 
It is the rough structure of my room ,
Here, Pink and Lavender colours indicates colour of the walls and I gave numbers to each side to explain what should be there in that side.

My room is coloured with cream colour but I want to change it with my favourite  colours pink and lavender.
On wall 1 of my Room (the catch up area): 
                            When some one enters into  my room their first look probably points on this wall. So, I want  to design this wall elegantly. I love to write and do some artistic work ,the wall art that I'm going to select must give inspiration to me. 
                                                         On Godrej interio photo I got to see some wall art with lights on lavender colour. I just loved it and want to make it as highlight to my room.                               

On wall 2 of my Room (Mesmerizing area): 

                            I want this area must be filled with every memorable moment that means, So when I look at that wall it will bring back every memorable moment. 
          So,I want hang selected phonographs from my childhood to till now. And I want to colour it with Pink colour.

On wall 3 of my Room:
                        Presently on side 3 of my wall I have cupboards, they are enough to store my stuff . on this side all I want to replace is my desk chair with a comfortable High back Bravo. As I work more on computers, I have to sit on it for more than 4 hours so a chair like Bravo may give more comfort than the previous one.
On wall 4 of My Room:
                        When I see this side of my wall it must give inspiration to my every move. So I want to hang my favourite Bible verses and inspirational quotes. And I want to colour it with pink colour.
On wall 1, right side , 
                              I wish to dedicate this area to my laptop desk. 
On wall 2, left side ,
                          In this area I want to insert a pink colour book rack or a cupboard to fill all my books.Like 3 rack slimline with locker. There must be locker to all my confidential documents like the stories and articles written by me. Haha......... :) :) 
       I want to replace my bed with larger size one like, Magnus king bed or Karbon bed set. 
         Last time when I went to my friend's house where I caught to see this karbon bed set I loved it. They told me they brought it from Godrej interio. On one side of my room i want to arrange some sofa cum bed, like Slumber for my guests. 
                        Finally I want to make my room as a comfortable lap to hold me.

“I am participating in the  Upload and Transform #HomeCanvas activity in association with Godrej Interio and BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can still be a part of this activity. Here’s how” in their blog post.
 With smiles, 
Vinny evelyn

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