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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Tinyowl :)

Written for: TinyOwl on Android and TinyOwl on iOS
One day I gifted chocolates and pizza to my sister and my cousins. They thanked for the surprise gift for them. We all ate pizza remembering every situation from our childhood. Next day I have lot of work to do. Due to work I was bit tired and I have much more work like writing some homework. I wrote 2 pages and wanted some boost to get refresh. I love chocolates so, I decided to eat chocolates but my chocolate pouch was empty because I already  ate them. I just planned to eat my sisters chocolate she was sleeping so I ate all her chocolates. After few minutes she woke up and asked for her chocolates and scolded me. Luckily I only ate one part of the chocolate and gave it back to my sister but she wanted full chocolate what to  do It was her chance.  And ordered me to make some food stuff to eat. After few minutes she came back saying " Ok! give me that part of chocolate!". My face turned into straight sort one because in between I ate remaining part too. 

This was happened during my graduation first year. And I don't know how to cook. So I got a thought to search on internet to know if there are any sites  which could deliver food with in short span of time to the area where we are living  but I didn't find even one site.  So, I finally decided to cook and I searched all the kitchen I don't know how to prepare perfectly but tried to make Gulab jamun but I got something which was looking like Halwa. My sister and my cousins laughed and named that thing as "Gulab halwa" with caption no one can eat it. Finally I brought 2 chocolates for her on the next day. *Food fix*  And now I somewhat perfect in cooking.  
                          I remembered all this thing when I accidentally saw a Food ordering app named Tiny Owl. And it has an attracting logo resembling "tiny owl" .If the app like this one is there during that day I could only order food stuff from this app without making Gulab halwa. [Haha..........] . During those days we have to go to restaurant and have to order some food but now we're just a tap away from delicious food! with this simple and easy to use app TinyOwl .During our childhood if I found this app I will definitely order Pizzas through this app without going anywhere. 
This app TinyOwl gives information like  
                                                                best dishes in our locality,  
                                                                Single tap is enough to order food, 
                                                                there are more range of payment options, 
                                                                 and tracking option also there in this app .    
All of cousins are planning get together .  I told them about this app Tinyowl. After knowing this we are planning to order some food stuff for our get together.   I'm going to order pizzas, burgers and the famous Hyderabadi biryani through this app saving our time because we only get very little time for our party with all these busy schedules in our lives.      
You can check out TinyOwl at : TinyOwl on Android and TinyOwl on iOS

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