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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Transferkar :) :)

              This is the story of Vinny Minion and how she became stellar in her family using, Tata Sky+ Transfer Set-top box‘, the popular satellite television provider. 
A small wonder  box  carrying lot of qualities, fun , Active services- totally it was going to land me in an awesome mobile entertainment world. 

                  In this digitalized world with innovative development in the technology, everything is at the distance of single swipe.  Yes! I'm talking about mobile phones. 
              Mobile phones are no longer just communication devices, but offer a wide range of entertainment and multimedia options.  And I'm going to tell you how my mobile entertainment improved using Tata Sky+ Transfer.

                                   One day my Mom was planning to conduct an educational and cultural awareness program in a small village. She is working as a headmaster for a government school. She want to include a message regarding Indian culture. I suggested her a program called "India Revealed", is an anthology of programmes showcasing the vibrant nation and it's cultural practices. It is my favourite programme. In my view it is the best programme for the children to watch for improving their geographical and cultural knowledge.which is going to be telecast on Monday at 9 PM. 
                         In this programme they are showcasing fascinating living traditions and  lesser known art forms. The show also reveals intriguing aspects of customs. Simply it is going to reveal countries past and present. 
     Everything planned perfectly but the programme is going to be telecast on Monday at 9 PM. But our program is scheduled on Tuesday 10 AM .How to present it ? without disturbing already scheduled plan. 
           Then my brain sparkled with an awesome idea [Ho! Dear reader don't niggle saying that  "first tell us the idea we will decide whether it is awesome or not *smiles*]. Ok! I will tell you my idea. 
                       No worries, technology was developed in such a way to fix any situation and to turn it in our way through Tata Sky+ Transfer Set-top boxthe popular satellite television provider. I'm going to record it in Tata sky +Transfer and going to transfer it to my Tab or my mobile. Then Mom will carry it to her school and play it for the school children. 
After subscribing for Tata sky + TRANSFER, 
                           Everybody in Vinny Minion family were shocked. 
                     Because, She was not fighting for the remote
                                   She was not flipping the channels when her Dad watching news
                                   She was allowing her Mom to watch serials.
*Till now she never tried cooking - but now she was cooking pastha tastily:)
*Till now she surely run away during maths classes-but now she became expert in maths.
Overall she became polite [*Wink* ;)], by using simply Tata Sky+ Transfer Active services  mantras. 

 Do you want to shock your family like Vinny Minion? Or Do you want to watch a missed episode of your favourite serial? Do you want to watch the show which is telecasted at 11 PM, on the next day when your free? Or do you want to carry your favourite show in your pocket? *I mean in your mobile*
                 The single best answer from Vinny Minion is Tata Sky+ Transfer Set-top box‘, the popular satellite television provider. 
Transfer recorded content: 
                                   With Tata sky + TRANSFER you can record your favourite shows in your device using Wi-fi.TV viewing time is mostly during the weekends these days, so why we have to miss our favourite shows. With this new set top box, you can view the shows offline as the recording will be done automatically on the smart phone or tablet via the set top box over a WiFi connection.

Any time any where:
                           After recording you are able to carry that.watch it any time anywhere via the new Tata Sky App. Now, isn't that delightful ?
Hard disk of 500 GB:
Tata Sky+ Transfer set-top box comes with a 500 GB storage capacity it can accommodate 625 hours of recording.Now, no worries with the recording space. :) :)
         It takes a little time to the transfer the recorded content. Sometimes when my phone was engaged with gaming, I can still watch shows through the ‘streaming’ feature. That is, without transferring, the show is instantly streamed from the set-top box over a Wi-Fi connection.

Pause-Forward-Rewind Live TV:  
                   Tata Sky+ Transfer has this special feature with that I  pause, forward and rewind the shows I recorded
Remote command: 
             If we are away from thehome,we don’t keep an eye on recording particular show . But, Tata Sky+ Transfer offering an exclusive way of record command mode through the mobile or tab device which will be executed by the set-top box at home. 
High recording & viewing quality: 
       At the same time we don't have to compromise with the resolution and audio quality.  Tata Sky+ Transfer renders its subscribers with a high definition (HD) recording with 16:9 wide aspect ratio along with Dolby digital sound quality and 1080i resolution.

Additional Features of Tata Sky+ Transfer App:
3D Ready:  Like me most of us are 3D movie freaks I know it. Good news for you all, when 3D content is available, Tata Sky+ Transfer set-top box is 3D ready.one can experience a complete 3D experience.
Series recording: All episodes of a particular TV show can be recorded using this feature.
And best things about Tata sky + TRANSFER are,

Finally Tata sky + TRANSFER is an awesome wonder box for the perfect mobile entertainment. Thank you for reading :) :)   

Watch this Transferkars video: 

Written for: http://www.tatasky.com/transfer/
1.In this article, every word is dropped from my Pen.
2.I'm dedicating this article to Tata sky + Transfer. 
3. Images are from:
         Every photo collage is made by me and every quote is written by me.
With smiles,
Vinny Evelyn

Sunday, 27 September 2015

My friend and her plan :) :)

When I look at the sky, I always wish for some extra stars in the sky.

I want to share one conversation about my wish,
             After getting this thought, I rang phone to my bestie, phone's ringing (I kept thinking how beautiful my idea was and kept saying yee...heeee.......hoooo ) she lifted the phone.

Friend: Ha! Vinnnnn.........  interrupts

 Me : Heyyyyyyyy! Yeeeee........I wish for some stars in the sky. *smiles*

Friend:  Uff....you lazy potato. Final exams are on the board to start but you are thinking about stars........ (with loud voice) Just wait up there...... I will show more stars to you....I'm coming to your home....

Me: Huh! Nay! (She was like a tutor to me.....she even don't give break time to me by pushing all the stuff to read)(I need more breaks than studying ha....ha....)

After 15 mins she landed with so many books and thrown away every book on my face saying, "ooooo you wish for some extra stars".............. I'm giving extra books to you just read them and then think about stars.
Boo hoo :(
         To me the idea of studying is like, butterflies in my stomach. ( All of my friends think that, I always read but my besties only know, how lazy I'm to read subject books shhh.... )
With smiles 
Vinny Evelyn

Friday, 25 September 2015

Me as COMIC con ;) *wink*

I love cartoon characters a lot. I want to be one among them. Sometimes I just behave like Tinker sometimes like Jerry and sometimes like Tom. Finally my wish fulfilled like this.
Introducing Vinny as cartoon con ;) *Wink*

 With Smiles,
Vinny Evelyn                               

Saturday, 12 September 2015


Sometimes dreams may be neglected
Sometimes they may not come true in my line
It may be my career issue or my study issue
I never want to loose smile on my face
I want to preserve it 'cause one day smile 
                                   on my face crashes every obstacle in my way to success.
          #Hope #FAITH #Success
I have enough confidence that the next post in this #Hope series starts with my success story lines.
With Smiles,

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Miraculous world :) :)

When I look around me I feel like everything is amazingly created. 
The rain drops falling on my palms..........The blooming Flowers,
                   What not everything is perfectly created.They are not only amazing,they are teaching everything to us, 
                                           In this biggest wonderful World                                                                                                  I'm taking little steps
                                                  Everything is amazing, 
                When I look at the flowers, they are smiling with pure heart
                                                            [ From the flower I learnt to hold pure heart]
                When I look at a Rainbow it was showing its colourful smile 
                                                             [From the rainbow I learnt to wear smile]
                 When I wetted in the rain I felt like wetted with Love
                                                              [From the rain I learn to shower Love]
                 Falling leaf says I'm not falling I'm giving new space
                                                [From falling leaf I learnt in our life every failing                                                                              gives big start to the new beginning] 
I believe that every thing around me is a miracle and part of God's beautiful creation
                    Thanks a lot Lord! For making part of this miraculous world. 
 With smiles,
Vinny Evelyn                                                         

Monday, 7 September 2015

Music :) :)

Music has it's own magic
Violin sound brings extra boost to my steps 

Friday, 4 September 2015

Girl's little Heart :) :)

We laugh with tear filled eyes........
We fight.....but patch up with in seconds........
We like flowers............We love chocolates............We like pink
Finally we are the girls with small desires in our life's............

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Adding extra sparkle to each star :) :)

From my childhood one of my wish is adding extra stars in the sky, now I realised how to add more stars to the sky.
Do you want to add more stars in the sky?
                                                                          Then read this.....                                                                         Every smile adds extra star in the sky
                                Shine of each smile adds extra sparkle to each star
                   So, Smile as much as you can and add more and more stars in the sky

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