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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Miraculous world :) :)

When I look around me I feel like everything is amazingly created. 
The rain drops falling on my palms..........The blooming Flowers,
                   What not everything is perfectly created.They are not only amazing,they are teaching everything to us, 
                                           In this biggest wonderful World                                                                                                  I'm taking little steps
                                                  Everything is amazing, 
                When I look at the flowers, they are smiling with pure heart
                                                            [ From the flower I learnt to hold pure heart]
                When I look at a Rainbow it was showing its colourful smile 
                                                             [From the rainbow I learnt to wear smile]
                 When I wetted in the rain I felt like wetted with Love
                                                              [From the rain I learn to shower Love]
                 Falling leaf says I'm not falling I'm giving new space
                                                [From falling leaf I learnt in our life every failing                                                                              gives big start to the new beginning] 
I believe that every thing around me is a miracle and part of God's beautiful creation
                    Thanks a lot Lord! For making part of this miraculous world. 
 With smiles,
Vinny Evelyn                                                         

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