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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Real Togetherness :) :)

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                        Watch this, Kissanpur- Discovering real togetherness video

After watching this Kissanpur- Discovering real togetherness video. I really felt like it is situation happening in this today's world. And our mobiles became our best friends.But take some time to get back to your real best buddies.
           Now a day’s our calendars are dotted with busy schedules, watches on our hands are running very fast. Even there is no time to think about our friends and there is no chance to say "hello" to our nighbours. In this busy life we are forgetting the birthday of our not only friends but also our Kith and kin. 
                           Real togetherness can double our happiness.........
                           Real togetherness can decrease our pain......
                           Real togetherness support us.......................
                           real togetherness gives support even during rough days.......
Just take some time from your watch and say sweet hello to your nighbours and replace time spending on phone, with talking directly to near by friends. Definitely you feel very delightful with that.
Yesterday I got a thought of going back to my childhood memories, 
            I just remembered the days spent together with my grand parents,

                    When I was a kid I always wait for the holidays specially for summer holidays because it is the only chance to meet my cousins, relatives. We are around 20 cousins, during all these holidays we live together in my grand parents house. We all learnt lot from the stories narrated  by my grand parents . We all learnt how to share our views with other. Because of that togetherness we shared even now we are meeting each other yearly keeping away all our busy schedules away. And helping each other in our career issues.   
                         Few days back I got a thought to wish one of my cousin surprisingly on her birthday. She love flowers a lot so, me and my other few cousins went to the village where our grandparents lived and picked all her favourite flowers, made a flower bouquet. And gifted it to my cousin. The best part is travelling to the village I love the most and with my lovable cousins sharing all our childhood memories. 

                               Yeah! There is a chance to order flower bouquet through online and send it to her. But making  flower bouquet with her favourite flowers that to making together with my cousins sharing our ideas and surprising her is really big deal. And we did it. 
                          Togetherness we shared made us real persons today
                 when we are in need of help we help each other,
                 when we need any suggestions our elder cousins definitely support us
                 In our career issues we all together help each other
Togetherness we shared during our childhood is like a seed planted by my grandparents and now it become a plant and giving us great support. 
   Now we are in the digital era and the kinds in this generation even don't have time to play. And parents don't even have time to spend with their children. My biggest suggestion is take some time from your watch gift it to your children.   


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