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Monday, 12 October 2015

The #Champ - LG nexus 5X is ready with Charming features-

“I am participating in the #ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda.“     
LG nexus 5X in the love  life of Mickey and Minnie:                   
                                    #Champ is back- A champ can change life.                       
                    Definitely LG NEXUS 5X  going to catapult smart phone experience                           With in few days Mickey and Minnie are going to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Both are very busy selecting the best gift for their partner.                                                After finding LG nexus 5X  and it's unique features, they both strongly decided this is the best choice for their Loving partner.

Mickey: My Minnie loves dresses oooops no.....no.... She likes ........Yeah! Got it! she likes Gadgets that too the products from LG. 
                                    [After checking LG official website] 
             Oh! my Gosh! They are introducing LG NEXUS 5Xwith lot of appealing features. It looks great and it has beautiful dazzling design .I have to surprise her with this LG NEXUS 5X,advanced trendy, perfectly crafted smartphone. 
     LG NEXUS 5X packed with great hardware and Equipped with Google’s most                                                        advanced software technology.
 Every feature of LG NEXUS 5X are dexterously designed,  
                                                     5.2 inch display 
                                                        light weight,  
                             adorned with a stunning Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3. 
            My Minnie loves photography and She loves capturing every precious moment in our life,this wonderful LG NEXUS 5X has sweet spot,thepowerful camera that captures more light too. 
                      With LG NEXUS 5X every photograph is a perfect calligraph.
               LG NEXUS 5X crafted with 12.3 MP rear camera and a 1.55 µm pixels with f/2.0 aperture infused with IR laser-assisted autofocus, CRI-90 dual flash, helps in catching more light even in the dimmest conditions  to generate extraordinary images with sharper details in every frame. So there is no need to edit the pic again again ...... and can record 4K videos flawlessly with  Ultra HD video recorder with high-definition look.
                                My Minnie is a selfie freak, this LG NEXUS 5X has 5 MP camera and a 1.4 µm pixels with f/2.0 aperture.Oh! it's such a sweet thing to any selfie Lover.

       LG NEXUS 5X Imprint a fingerprint scanner - takes security to the next level
                         My Minnie always loves more secure version in mobiles,this LG NEXUS 5X is more secure with a  great Imprint feature, that is fingerprint sensor,  it is a simplified security feature which is placed quite conveniently  where the index finger can easily reach that is back of the phone, where we hold the phone usually.   
                  In this feature no need to set passwords and security locks because only owners touch can lock and unlock this phone.
                  Lock or unlock your phone with single secure touch, that is your fingerprint. Phone turns on  and unlocks compatible apps with owners touch.  Finger print lock prevents others to access your content without your authorization.
Just touch on the fingerprint sensor, sign-in and checkout on Android Pay, the Play Store and even to apps.  
                   Design, performance, and power — all in one smartphone.
                                       Definitely my Minnie love this mobile. 
Even all these features of LG NEXUS 5X tempting me.First of all I have to surprise her with this new LG NEXUS 5X.        
                My boy Loves Mobiles but he always updated about all these new gadgets. I have to search more to surprise my Mickey boy. Oh! my God! LG NEXUS 5X is going to be released. and it has best features I have ever heard.
It is Built from the inside out with the world’s most popular OS,  
                                            Android 6.0 Marshmallow right out of the box, which is the latest Android OS.Comes with many interesting features and much improved android experience.
        Improved application performance and lower memory overhead for faster                      multitasking.
        If Google will upgrade it OS , you are assured of getting  it first. 
        and automatic software updates as they’re released. 
          My Mickey loves slim phones because slim phones looks like me na! Oh my topic crossing my borders haha *giggles*. 
           He always plays games reducing his phone charging. And Says I will call you back  Minnie my battery is getting down but with this LG NEXUS 5X he has no option to say my battery is down because LG NEXUS 5X smart battery allows faster charging—gets almost four hours usage power after only ten minutes of charging.
                  For sure this is the perfect gift to surprise my Mickey boy. 

                      Really LG NEXUS 5X going to be my favourite smartphone ever.
Google has finally announced the launch date of its  Nexus devices.LG Nexus 5X arriving in India on October 13. And our wedding day is on 15 October, LG NEXUS 5X is the perfect gift for my baby Minnie.
                              LG NEXUS 5X#Champ is back- A champ can change life.

          "By this I conclude that Definitely the LG NEXUS 5X  going to catapult our 
                                             smartphone experience "
Thank you for reading :) :) and watch this video to know more about
                                                                 new champ LG nexus 5X :
    Do visit : #ChampIsBack                                     
“I am participating in the #ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda.“     
1.In this article, every word is dropped from my Pen.
2.I'm dedicating this article to LG nexus 5X.
3. Images are collected fromhttp://www.google.com/intl/en_in/nexus/5x/
         Every photo collage is made by me and every quote is written by me.
With LG nexus 5X Love,

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