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Thursday, 31 December 2015

My favourite posts on my blog :) :)

      I felt so sorry for not being here on my blog for a while but today I made my time to write here. :)
       Today is the last day of the year and I started my blog on the first day of this year, 1st January 2015. *Happy* 
               On this auspicious moment I want to recollect my favourite posts on my blog .

1.Pain behind the pearl and struggle behind its shine
              This is the first short story written by me. If  you want to get inspired read it.
          Continue reading here

2.Hey......hey.... I had wings [Do Little things with loads of love]
            (Do Little things with loads of love and Stay in your friend's heart forever)
        Now a day’s our calendars are dotted with busy schedules, watches on our hands are running very fast. The pit stops to meet our friends would have been few and far between. 
Sometimes there maybe no chances to meet them but I have one idea by this we can meet our lovable friends *Through our heart* *With our thoughts*. Just take some time from your watch and remember some childhood memories which are very close to your heart. Definitely you feel very delightful with that. Continue reading here 

                       If you want to know about my crazy actions- you must read this *Wink*
  As a dreamer I wish to do so many things. I'm listing here some of them. *Loony*
I can get into all the details with in it, on the condition you don’t collapse , okay? Okay. Continue reading here.... 

                        I love this story very much and I wrote it with tear filled eyes. Umm....
Every time when I start to pen down here, I always choose to be very waggish but today I'm continuing with a straight sort of face.
The story goes like this,
Mother                A woman, who gave her entire life to brought up her son. She went through so many hurdles and gave him the best position in this society. Now, she was leading her life very happily, under the roof of her son’s house.  One day, she was playing with her grand children; her son sat near to her couch and has been waiting to say something to her. She asked her son “Is there any problem?”..He said “no”, but as a mother she noticed that he wants to say something to her.
And the conversation went like this, 
                                                Continue reading here..... 
                               This is the best ever letter written by me read it......feel it.
Loving Dad and Mom
         Today I'm going to write a letter huh....yeah! a love letter to my loving Dad and Mom …through this……I want to express my love and gratitude towards them, they are my Mentors……they are my world. At this starting moment only I got tears of love in my eyes and I know, tears may roll down on my cheeks till I finish this letter (umm.....*true*)…….

  Thank you for reading.......wish you A Happy Happy New year :) :) see you soon in the next year *Giggles*   
Okay....Okay...... I'm getting ready to go for the church,
                                      in the mean while I wrote it ya ....see you :) :)  
With New year swing
Vinny Evelyn             


  1. I noticed your writing style represents a powerful expression of emotions, each of the posts has it. Do keep it.

    1. Thank you for sparing your time for reading my writings. Warm welcome to my blog :) :) *smiles*


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