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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Gold mornings

Good morning to Gold morning with #Colgate360GoldMornings         
             Staring mornings with positive thoughts surrounds us with healthy waves
                    staring a day with cheerful smiles gives elegance to our face                         
The days are going perfect I got time to concentrate on myself, no busy schedules, no hurry burry . I have much more time to jogg around, to do my favourite stuff . During these days I planned my day in the way I always wish to be , turning Good morning to Gold Morning
                                             Waking up at 6 O' clock , Praying for few min
                                              Just jogg for 1 hour
                                              Taking healthy honey water with lemon
                                              Reading my favourite books.......yahoo! lovely na!
In my view Good morning turns into Gold morning when we woke up with healthy body, healthy soul, healthy mind and healthy thoughts.  
            Positive thoughts fills our soul with positive waves and rises our spirit and guides us in a right path. The way to incline ourself in this path is  prayer and meditation. Every day after reading Bible I feel very positive and start my day as  Gold Morning.
         Jogging for 1 hour at morning hours is the best thing I'm doing these days. I felt so relaxed. Being a student I always lazy to do this but now I realised how it is important to our body and giving sometime to my body, as it is putting on so much weight in a quick  way......haha :) :) I never observed this till now but after knowing, I chosen this way to take care of my body and by this way I'm turning Good morning to Gold Morning.
           And another best thing is drinking lukewarm honey water. It was really refreshing, and you have to try it. Adding lemon to this will definitely a good choice to improve your health.
           One fine morning I received one neatly packed Golden hamper from Colgate, India. It added boost to my total schedule. I just eagerly opened the pack. Wow! It was such a cute one! The design of the box was so elegant with golden design and I felt like it was representing shine of sun rays.   

And the golden pack was filled with thing that are going to turn my Good morning in to Gold Morning. A Colagate 360 charcoal Gold tooth brush-for my dental health and which is  every day start up for our  #Colgate360GoldMornings. A brash like this is definitely a good choice for better oral hygiene and I tried it, it was so comfortable to use and it helps us to achieve whole mouth cleansing perfectly. It was very light with slim bristles that could help reach deeper in between teeth and along the gum line. A Mug - to refresh me with Honey water and a water flask- I'm carrying it during my jog. Nice na! Totally this kit helped me to turn my morning into gold Morning.
With smiles
Vinny Evelyn             

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