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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Impact of Failure on me - Got navigation to my life from my failure

#Impact of Failure- Got navigation to my life from my failure 
             Getting inspiration form the people who are succeeded is a GOOD thing.
But getting inspiration from our own touchdowns and failure and turning them into success is a GREAT thing.   
Light for life is satisfaction, which is not in success or in richness- We will earn it by accepting  everything in a positive way.     
     Whoa! We entered into 2016 really it was too faster than I expected. Undeniably last year has been a blessing to me I learnt a lot in this year. Distracted my career life [never even dreamed] , being tremendously happy even after that (well! I think that was cool enough).
Some times touchdowns may bring wings to fly 
Sometime failure may show a way to success

         When I look back into these 24 years of my journey, I'm only remembering busy scheduled days, schooling, Graduation, PG and getting ranks . But in 2015 I find lot by staying in home,I became very close to Mom and Dad even my top rank didn't gave this much satisfaction (I felt happy for that). Honestly,  I discovered new talents in me (a good one!). Writing is one of them. [ I felt like robotic life turned into artistic life].I became stronger than I ever thought I would be (Think so). 
When you fell down, 
 with how much strength you are going to  raise again and how you stand with your shaking legs matters much. 
        With the touch down in my career I felt so sad but I pulled myself to stand firm with my shaking legs . Now I'm trying to get my  PhD from my desired field it may take sometime to get but I surely stand with strong desire in my heart, which moves me.  
         One day I'm searching for phd admissions there in the search I found a well written blog post on PhD admission then my I got a thought of starting my own blog and to turn my my passion of writing into reality.  
                   But some times I felt so strange,when best buddies asks me, Hey! topper what are your future plans? we know you are planning for something big! [how they would know that! even I don't have any plan in my so called empty brain]. When they asked like that,I want to shout "If I have that much planning I will not be here all these days" [haha....]. Asking like this is okay to me because they are my friends they supported me, they never left me even a single minute and they have all right to ask. 
    When surrounded with positive waves, our touchdowns also lead us to victory ✌.

Like leaving your footwear out, leave your negative thoughts to walk straight in a right way.
            But some other people will put us down with their words they never even thought to help us ,guide us and even doesn't know what is our situation but easily throw words on  our face  [of course I don't take them into my heart so those words have no impact on me- I only allow good words into my brain and heart ]  I'm the kind of person who will give support and helping hand during their hard days but I wouldn't bother them with words and it is an unknown option to me that's why I felt like this.Okay!leave it away. Just take positive words from people never bother about who are filled with negative words to throw at you, you are living your life get inspiration from your own failures they are stepping stone for your journey.
Now I got a strong heart to face my touchdowns , got a vision for my future and courage to move forth and on
                    I felt sorry for not planning about my future perfectly beside searching for jobs I started this Blog, #Impact of Failure turned my passion of writing into living and I'm here giving words to the voice in my heart. And I got so many appreciations [you would see winner badges on the right side wing of my blog]. And trying to improve myself in writing and in my career too. My biggest achievement is starting this blog. If I don't face any touchdown in my career I may never have chance and time to start this blog. Thanks to my touch down for giving this miraculous victory.   
I want to keep my eyes open for the very best part of my life...
          Hey! Getup! See already you are surrounded with some magic! Hold it tight.

Spring Blooms are now started for me.Sappier Studded lines up of victories are waiting for you.
Hopefully this year every wish of mine and yours [Dear reader! Don't look around "You only " ;) ;)] will definitely approved by God and fulfilled.
                                  Hope   Faith    Trust  are the things that moving me.

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  1. I can totally relate to you. I was a topper since childhood but my future didn't turn out to be that academically promising. However if I look back, I am happy the way my life has shaped up.
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  2. Hi dear, have been following your blog for a couple of days. I have recently nominated you for the Liebster award. See the link


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