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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Pink stars

The thing I always Love to do is, Sitting on the terrace at the night watching the sky filled with the sparkling shine of stars...... I always wish to add more stars in the sky. Sometimes I want color every star with pink color [Hay! Don't call me Crazy] *Giggles*.Whoa! the view of shooting star looks amazing. When I look at shooting star I always felt like it is coming to earth to bless me.
      By watching those stars and thinking about the best moments in my life, the best moments-  is my favorite thing.
            By looking at the stars I enter into my dreamy world and Some time I want to be like Thinker bell and sometimes like Cinderella.......umm sometimes like boo..... :)

Yeah! my favorite dream is wearing Cinderella frock and tinkers out fit. 

After getting this thought of painting stars with pink color and Idea of wearing Cinderella frock I made a call to my bestie's phone,Phone's ringing (I kept thinking how beautiful my idea was and kept saying yee...heeee.......hoooo ) she lifted the phone.

Friend: Ha! Vinnnnn.........[ Me interrupting her]

 Me : Heyyyyyyyy! Yeeeee....... I want to color every star with pink color.  *smiles*
How's my Idea of wearing Cinderella frock *Blushing*

Friend:  Uff....you lazy potato. Final exams are on the board to start but you are thinking about stars........ (with loud voice) Just wait up there...... I will show more stars to you....I'm coming to your home....

Me: Huh! Nay! (She was like a tutor to me.....she even don't give break time to me by pushing all the stuff to read)(I need more breaks than studying ha....ha....)

After 15 mins she landed with so many books and thrown away every book on my face saying, "ooooo you wish for some extra stars".............. I'm giving extra books to you just read them and then think about stars.
Boo hoo :(
         To me the idea of studying is like, butterflies in my stomach. ( All of my friends think that, I always read but my besties only know, how lazy I'm to read subject books shhh.... )
Me: Boo hoo :(                                                          

Friend: *Laughs*
     Moral: Don't ever share your wishes with your bestie, You may book yourself like me*Kidding*

With smile,
Vinny Evelyn

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