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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The friends batch

Do visit: http://www.colgate.co.in/en/in/oc      
                                        Written for : http://www.colgate.co.in/en/in/oc
After receiving the pack from Colgate , I eagerly opened the pack and I found some beautifully animated cartoon characters and some magical sea world creatures printed on the inner side of the pack. I gave them to the kids who are next door to my house. Till now I only see them when they are playing with toys and repairing the new toy even when it is working properly haha...... (Kids are super creative). After seeing those packs on my reading table they are eagerly asking me , Wow! Vinny where do you got these packs? and giving me suggestions like we have to cut them and have to arrange them to create a story. And I helped them to cut those packs and I loved mermaid very much, it was beautifully animated. Of course remaining  are also looking very beautiful. And then their started telling me stories with in few seconds of arrangement (I got surprised with their imagination). 
           They started story like this,  deep under the sea there are friends namely Sea turtleSea horse,crab, Dolphin, puffer fish, star fish and a beautiful Mermaid. They are all friends from their childhood and they all always dreamed to have a beautiful palace for them.Sea turtleSea horse,crab, puffer fish and Mermaid always want to start building of the palace  but thinking about Dolphin they never started it because the Dolphin was very huge in size and they are not able to build palace for her so, they are skipping the plan of building a palace. One day they are discussing the same thing and Dolphin heard that after hearing their discussion,Dolphin told them my dear lovely friends yes I love building palace, not for me but for you. And the next day they started building their palace with the guidance of Mermaid and with sea plants. 
               They build this palace for protecting themselves from Lion fish, which is very dangerous as its needles are like spines and also from killer whale. They joined newly arrived puffer fish in their friends batch. Puffer fish also helped them to build the palace. And with in few days they completed building their bream palace. They elected Mermaid as their queen. They started living happily. One day killer whale swimming in her way saw this palace and she felt jealous apart from inspiring from them she planned to destroy the palace with the help of Lion killer. Lion killer with her spine like needles destroyed every bit of palace. 
              After seeing this the friends batch felt so sad . And after some days a big ship is coming into their area , the ea turtleSea horse,crab, Dolphin, puffer fish and Mermaid hide themselves in flora under the sea but Lion killer and killer whale has no place to hide. The fisher man in the ship thrown net on them to catch them. They shouted for help then the mermaid got a plan and saved them with the help of puffer fish. And then they all became friends and they lived happily ever after.Kids are really super energetic, creative and imaginative these days.

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