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Friday, 16 September 2016

Collecting happiness - With Stars in my Eyes and Hopes in my Heart:

With Stars in my Eyes and Hopes in my Heart: 
                             Yeah! I'm going to collect happiness. Dear reader! Oh…oh stop there I know you may think that I'm going somewhere to collect it but I'm not going off from here. Yes, I'm going to collect happiness in the place where I stand and in the place where I'm, with my heart and through my thoughts. Yes, today I'm going to remember the stuff that made me happy and that made my days filled.

Collecting Happiness
Collecting Happiness from every bit of my day
                            Days are going just perfect, to do the stuff I like, to laze around, being totally like a couch potato. Oh! the joys of unemployment! How can my days be  perfect?-Yeah I'm enjoying all these days. For some reason, when I plan do some sappy stuff which makes me the happiest person, it’s always a major flop. how to take these days either like once in a blue moon or questioning my self like, Am I killing my own time? or Am I loosing my hope down the road?. What ever it may be, time flies by and I want to beat the clock, want to use every minute to fill my heart and want make every second as stepping stone towards my big time *Hope*.
             Yeah!All these days helped me to explore new talents in me, Yessssss! I'm taking my steps towards web designing *my passion* (see my blog), learning some new languages, making pendants- they might look very little but everything I'm doing fills my heart with lots of happiness. *smiles*
          I'm in the carriole to share the things which made my days totally happiest ever.
This is my Carriole come and join with me.
This is my Carriole come and join with me.
  Hey! Come on join with me,
Making Greeting cards:
                                  Yes, the best ever hobby. I love making greeting cards from my childhood. Most of the cards made by me are only for my family members and for my besties.
             If I ever gifted you with the greeting card definitely you are my best friend *smiles*. I want to send birthday wish to everyone in this world (If I knew it was his/her birthday).
Greeting cards made by me

With this enthusiasm one day I'm calling my friend on the day of her birthday:
Phones ringing, I'm twirling the phone cord with my fingers .........(I’m wa-ay excited thinking that, she might feel very happy with my call lalalalallaa (Singing yar........) and also thinking to frame one birthday song for her)
She: hey!vinn…..
Me:  *Singing with increasing my voice pitch* Happy birthday to you! Many gold rings to you! Many diamond pendants to you! Many hot cakes for you! Many teddy bears for you!                                                        
                                                             (After singing whole song)
  *I’m expecting words like, (oh! vinny how would you remember my birthday?. It’s really nice of you.)*
She: haha! Nice song ! Is there anything left?
Me: Yeah! I have another surprise for you!
She: Hey! Hey! Keep that surprise safe till my birthday. My birthday is on 21st re.
     (Actually her birthday is on 21st and me, with my over excitation called her on 12th only)
Me: *setting my throat*yeah! I know, these are advanced wishes for you ma.(I thought to cover it *brilliant*) 
BlinkShe: Haha! Enough Vinny! I know about you, don't act smart ha! *Smiles* and don't cover off. *actually she was brilliant*
Me: *Blink* *Blink*
                                         *smiles* *Smiles*
      Note: Before calling to wish your friend just confirm the birthday date.
Heyyyy! E-cards made by me
Little things with whole hearted love gives voice to your silence, words to your heart and emotions to your eyes.
                 One best example is when I gave greeting card to my sissy I saw tears in her eyes and find love in her words.
              Yes! I precisely prefer sending own made greeting cards to my besties. Because I want to make little  curve at the edge of my friends lips. *Smile*.
Collecting Scientific articles:
                    I'm very passionate to collect Scientific articles and also to give comments on my own prepared book . I won 2 books, which are made by me filled with all the articles collected by me and with my comments there. Only my besties know all this stuff.
                      With in few days I'm going to add photographs of my book. *wait*
Web designing:
                  One of my Favourite things to do is, web designing. Making some animations, making some silly stuff like drawing cartoons. 
                                   And doing some ridiculous things like talking with teddy's.

Talking with teddy's
         Finally, Web designing, Christmas tree decoration,  Planning to make sure to learn music *please doze off * , specially blogging, Clearing clouds in my way towards future destiny -all these things made my days brighter than ever.   
With Collected Happiness
With Collected Happiness

"Be yourself,
 *Do things, which makes you happy
  *Do some ridiculous stuff to fill someone face with smile
   *Do the things you love the most
Do what makes you happiest ever   
Never think that, you are wasting time- Sometimes little hobbies makes you to grow in your own way and fills your days."                 
           Be Happy........Have Hope.......Have courage and be like a crazy Girl.

                            By making all these stuff I literally surrounded with lots of happiness.
             Hey! Dear Reader! Don't take long breathing saying that "thank God! completed". Just see the title of the post, yessss! It's "Collecting Happiness (part 1)". Yeah! you are correct, I'm on the board to write Part 2 of it. Heyyyy! don't roll your eyes. 
                                                                                                            Haha! Keep Your eyes peeled.
With Stars in my Eyes and Hopes in my Heart
Vinny Evelyn 

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