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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Paint of pure air

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                our houses are unknowingly polluted - Take care of them

           Today,  like a lazy potato sitting in the couch watching TV I was thinking all of the technological improvement in our lives and how our life and homes become more
luxurious than ever before. And besides watching TV & thinking I  cleaned  my room, scented it with my favorite rose scented  air fresher and I lit mosquito coil  and  closed windows, doors to prevent entry of outdoor pollutants in                                                                                           to my home. 
         I felt soooo  refreshing with the rose smell of air fresher, Suddenly I hard one voice saying please open the door .......please open the door..........
     I went near the door a beautiful voice with good smell said, Hi ! I'm fresh pure air coming from hill area please allow me into your home I traveled lot of miles to reach your home ....... I knocked so many doors . please do allow me. All these houses are polluted ! All these houses are indoor polluted.

      With straight sort of face I opened the door and asked why you traveled lot of miles to reach my house , my house is already filled with fresh scented pure air . Close your eyes and feel it. 
      Helloo! Dear Vinny please stop there and listen to me, you all people never gave even single micron space to me to enter your houses and how could you say that your house is filled with fresh air.

Vinny: Indoor air pollution ?  In my House no way !

fresh pure air: Come with me take a visit around house with me. I will show whole things that polluted your entire house.

 Fresh pure air took me near to the air freshener bottle and said this ........
Air freshener emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs ), such as Nitrogen dioxide.
         Instead of these artificial air fresheners - Use bowl of water boiled with lemon and natural aroma oil to get your house scented. 
         The emitted VOCs are absorbed by the walls and are re released into indoor environment slowly after that .



  Frequent vacuuming and dusting can help keep your indoor air clean 

Fresh pure air pointing Mosquito coil said this .......

The emission of formaldehyde from burning Mosquito coil can be as high as that released from burning 51 cigarettes. So please opt natural procedures like using a small bowl filled with water and one camphor tablet, place the bowl in the corner of your room and you will find that all mosquitoes are flying away.
Fresh pure air took me near to the cook top and said this .......
Cooking in non - stics or cook tops like gas or propane, may release carbon monoxide, which is health hazardous. To prevent it your kitchen must have proper ventilation system like windows and chimney  above the gas stove. Chimney absorbs all harmful vapors , chemicals and maintain indoor air clean and fresh.
     The emitted Carbon monoxide and chemical vapors are absorbed by the walls and are re released into indoor environment slowly after that.
Fresh pure air took me near to the candle and said this .......
Candles are made with paraffin wax which contain benzene and toulene, so make sure to buy candles made with bees wax.
          The emitted benzene , toulene, lead  are absorbed by the walls and are re released into indoor environment slowly after that .
                           Fresh pure air pointing floor ( radon ) said this .......
Radon which is found in underneath your home in various types of bedrocks and other building materials. Radon is an odorless, invisible and dangerous gas. 

                 The radon can get into the walls and re released into indoor environment slowly after that .

sealing foundation joints and cracks is rarely sufficient as a stand alone mitigation technique. 
                     During this discussion I saw  royale atmos air purifying paint advertisement and painted my walls with it and my sweet fresh purified air stayed with me forever. thanks to asian paints for this beautiful royale atmos air purifying paint .

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