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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Magic filled smiles- With McCain smiles :

Spreading smiles with McCain Smiles:

                   McCain is packed with Smiles   -   Share and spread the smiles
                                                         Photo Courtesy: McCain Foods                                                 
There is magic in smile:                                                             
                                          Smile is the precious jewel on the earth.
                          Spreading smiles is the most precious thing in the universe.
     When we see the smiles of a little baby definitely we felt like, the purest thing on this world is smile. The Idea of spreading those smiles is really a good thing. 
    Christmas time has arrived and we are planning everything perfectly. Christmas parties, carols what not? everything. 
       Every year I celebrated Christmas with family and friends. But I want to celebrate this Christmas with some of the cutest kids on this planet,    kids who are staying in an orphanage in our city.And want to put smile on those little cute faces.
      Those kids taught me the value of life, most of the time we keep thinking about               things we lack, and never realize about the best we have. These kids live in the orphanage, and they know that they have no parents. Yet, they smile at the problems and the facts they face.  
          With McCain smiles  I'm going to Put Smiles On those cute little faces

Then I got a thought to introduce a special day in this Christmas season, on that day we have to go to one orphanage in our city and we have to conduct some programs and gift the kids with beautiful gifts.
  In this Christmas season I'm going to make my favourite McCain smiles and I'm going to share them with those cute little orphanage kids.  
I selected McCain Smiles to surprise those little kids, 
       McCain Smiles pack is filled with  delicious mashed 
potatos, seasoned and shaped into happy faces.
                         Every year I celebrated Christmas with family and friends. We spend huge time on get together with relatives and friends . I used to go out and make sure to pick one of the best outfits and spend good expense on those outfits, take friends out for lunch etc.
      But this time the thought of Christmas season gave me new thoughts because of one situation.
Time sometimes chooses wonderful ways to show what really matters to us: 
                   We are dwelling in the super busy life  with hectic schedules and we don't even have time to remember our loved ones Birthdays. Till now I have same kind of life but one situation made me to think in Good way. When I'm traveling to my college during my Masters, the bus in which I'm traveling is  passed in front of an orphanage. I saw small kids there in orphanage, they are in huge queue to grab their snacks. I'm just eagerly watching what they are doing and my eyes just watered after seeing the kind of snacks they are eating.
                 And I find a cute pretty baby, after getting out of the queue she ran to her friend who's unable to walk and sharing that one little biscuit with her with a  beautiful smile. This is the moment that totally changed my prospective on life. 
                             Love lies in sharing - Sharing is always caring    
       Till now I just saw the kids whose life is perfectly made with their parents but after seeing the kids in orphanage, I just totally moved. And I got this thought of spreading smiles in this Christmas season with McCain smiles and some beautiful gifts.
I'm going to make those McCain smiles more interesting: 
                       I'm going to take,
                                       Sugar powder,
                                       Badam ,
                                       cashew nuts,
                                       Bread slices.
1.Deep fry McCain smiles for 3 minutes until golden yellow and keep aside.
2.Add butter to the sides of one bread slices.
3.Now take the fried McCain smiles apply a thin layer of sugar on the one side.
4.On the top side add mashed Badam, cashew nuts and finally add cheese on the top.
5.And finally cover it with the other bread slice.                                                     I want to stop the time and freeze the day. I'm going to had one of the best Christmas ever, because I know any expensive thing don’t smile at me, but the goodies I'm going to give to those little ones will sure make them smile. 
In this Christmas season I'm going to make my favourite McCain smiles and I'm going to share them with those cute little kids.       
           I have contributed thousands of rupees on so many thing but this sharing could definitely going to make me the happiest soul on this earth.   
With smiles,


Thank You for reading.

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