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About the Blog

Hi! Hearty welcome to my blog. 
I'm penning down on this blog for giving words to the voice inside my heart. I want to write every article that mirror's my heart.
 My blog's title is “THE CROWN OF BLESSING AND THE WINGS OF                                                                                                                                 ANGELS”
   (As you are headed with the crown of blessing, you have wings of faith to fly).
             Caption:  *Giving words to the voice inside my heart*
Here we go,
                I believe that we are all headed with an invisible crown, that is "The crown of blessing", we don’t even recognize it. Yes, this is true just think how blessed we are? The best example for the blessing is right now, in this moment, we are all breathing here on this earth.
               As we are the loving people for God he gifted us with, not only the invisible crown but also with the wings of faith and hopes to fly in a right way towards our destiny.
"Now with the Blessings from the Lord and with the wings of our faith we could fly towards our          destiny. "
         So,We have to thank God, for every small pleasures we have, for every single bit of talent that we are blessed with, for every smile we are having- not only on our face but also in our heart and for every cherished moment in all our life's.
         Be Humble, be Soft, be courageous, be Faithful and be Unique.........La....la...lala *singing Yaar!* :P and everything you want will for sure fall in your way.
                        Have a wonderful Life ahead and keep rocking in your own way.
Thank you for reading. Have a happy reading here in  my blog,
                                                           “THE CROWN OF BLESSING AND WINGS OF ANGELS”
                        With Smiles

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