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Vinny Evelyn- My Pen name

Hi! Everyone!
    When I thought to start a blog, my first desire is to make my favourite name *Vinny Evelyn*  as my pen name.   
             I'm Vineela, it means PURE. My friends loves to call me as, Vinny. Yeah! of course, I love to hear it. For the first time when I heard the Hebrew name Evelyn, it means LIFE, I have been in dream of having it as part of my name. So, I grabbed the chance  and opted , Vinny Evelyn as my pen name,  (*giggles*) it means Pure life”I'm trying in every possible way to fulfil the meaning of Vinny Evelyn by holding my heart generously till eternity, taking everything in a positive way, leading my life in a very fine way and being as myself.
                          Be yourself.Do what makes you happy but without hurting others. 
                                                                                                        Find my blog here.

         With Smiles

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