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Friday, 26 August 2016

Do Little things with loads of love and Stay in your friend's heart forever

               (Do Little things with loads of love and Stay in your friend's heart forever)
Now a day’s our calendars are dotted with busy schedules, watches on our hands are running very fast. The pit stops to meet our friends would have been few and far between. 
Sometimes there maybe no chances to meet them but I have one idea by this we can meet our lovable friends *Through our heart* *With our thoughts*. Just take some time from your watch and remember some childhood memories which are very close to your heart. Definitely you feel very delightful with that.
                                             Friendship- Together forever.
                 Yesterday I got a thought of going back to my childhood memories, now we have so many friends but the childhood one's remains in our heat forever. This feeling is not the first encounter with my thoughts about my friends who took special place, more often I got frozen up by thinking about their care and love showered on me. All these things tempted me to look back and remember one of the best situations I faced in my childhood.
                 Warm, fuzzy memories are great. They usually bring a smile to our face and a little pep to our step and swings in our hearts!..... If I continue like this, it will breakaway elsewhere. 
      When I entered into my school I found one friend, she was very lovable and caring. she was ever close to my heart.
Every time when I look back, I felt like she is my best buddy forever. We may  distended miles apart but I believe that our hearts are filled with friendship that we shared during our school days, togetherness that we enjoyed, jokes we shared and the love we showered on each other.   
               Dear Friend! You may not be my side but every little thing I learnt from you like sharing, giving, kindness , friendship, your advises are always with me and in my heart . And I know you are hoping to meet me.
Here I'm sharing one situation which is very close to my heart:              
    I'm always busy with the habit of reading fairytale stories (Not subject books *Giggles*). This habit of reading landed in a crazy way. 

After reading the story of a Fairy having wings,  as a crazy girl (I'm like very quite looking and innocent girl but with my close friends you will find naughty Vinny;) ha....ha) I got a thought of having my wings. I don’t even slept by thinking about wings. Next day I went to my school and told about my wish to my friend, she was just surprised and tempted to have wings for herself also. (that’s the talent of explaining thing in a right way)
Clover no ;). Ha ha.......
The conversation went in this way,
Me: hey! You know I read the story about fairy it was just amazing. Hey! you know fairy with her wings flies everywhere .*Excitement* 
My friend: ho! *Surprise*
Me: Hey! Hey! I want wings re. If we have wings we will go anywhere to play, we have new friends with wings and we have much more fun.(This explanation flew like a liquid for 15 min.)
My friend: yeah! Vinny! But how?
 Me: I have a plan *Brilliant*. We have to search for the fairies and should ask them to bless us with wings. (I felt this is Brilliant thought in my childhood but now *Giggles*)
My friend: Yeah! Yeah!
Two days we are totally in search for fairies but didn't found even one.
My friend: I don’t have any hope to find fairies maybe they don't exist.
Me: No…..no…. * me with strong voice* I  read it on the book they have wings. They have been living here only..... but hiding from us.
 After few days we vexed with searching
Me:  whatever it may be I want wings.*niggles*
My friend: Hooooo…….definitely. (Actually she wants to fulfil my dream of having wings)*Friendship*
               Then she did like this,  
                This picture is from Google images randomly I got it.               
Those wings may not gave me a chance to fly. But the moment cherished in my heart forever. *Love with togetherness is the best combination to cherish*
                    Now, I can fly with the happiness and with the love of my friend towards me.
 I lost her contact details but I hope that we are going to meet one day with the thread of friendship and togetherness we shared.
                                                                               Friendship- Together forever.
PS: Do little things with lots of love and stay in yours friends heart forever.
‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’
Prompt:‘A Story Yet Unwritten'

                             With Smiles
                              Vinny Evelyn


  1. Lovely story of childhood friendship and innocence!

  2. Welcome to my space Sara. Much thanks for the read :) :)


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