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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Life is like a circle-

[I know the title might confuse you a bit until you get to the ending part of the story.]
These are the words from a grieved heart, which could not bear the pain after listening to the story of a Grandma.
When I randomly going through social networking site I read this story and felt like……. *shrugs*
                  Every time when I start to pen down here, I always choose to be very waggish but today I'm continuing with a straight sort of face.
The story goes like this,
Mother                A woman, who gave her entire life to brought up her son. She went through so many hurdles and gave him the best position in this society. Now, she was leading her life very happily, under the roof of her son’s house.  One day, she was playing with her grand children; her son sat near to her couch and has been waiting to say something to her. She asked her son “Is there any problem?”..He said “no”, but as a mother she noticed that he wants to say something to her.
And the conversation went like this,
Son: ma!
Mother:  *thinking that he might be in some trouble* Tell me. I don’t bother if the issue is tough to handle. In your childhood I'm only suffered to handle everything but now you are there, giving strength to me.   
Son: *setting his throat* Ma! Actually we want to----oooo….oooo
Mother:*lifted her eye brows* plz hurry up I want to play with my grandson’s.
Son: We….weeee….we want to join you in an old age home
Mother: *silent* *upset*
Mother: *cried silently* (came back with her trolley) I want to join in old age home today only.
Son: ma! Ma…… I don’t want to send you todaa…….Interrupts
Mother: no! I just want to leave now….please no words *hurts*
Don't leave your parents
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                          The son joined her in an old age home. And he had struck with his busy work. He couldn't have even time to make a visit over there.  
Few months later,
 He got a call from Old age home…..in his so called hurry….burry life he didn't even lift the phone.
They made another call……he lifted the phone.
Son: hello!
Old age home crew member: hello! We are calling from old age home. Your mother wants to talk with you.
Son: yeah! I will make a call after a while……I'm totally busy now….. Interrupts
Old age home crew member: *angry* okay! But she was in a serious condition. It’s your wish to talk with her or not.
Son: what?
 He started driving ……..now his heart was beating very fast…… he was remembering everything from his childhood……*Love*………hands are shaking….finally he drove there with throbbing palpitation.
Parents Love

Son: *Crying*
Mother: dear don’t cry. I'm always there wi….with you…….*not able to speak*
Son: plz! Don’t say like that ma…. Doctors are coming and I will make you alive and I……I eeee…I will take you with me and I’ll make care for you.
Mother: Thank You! But…… I want to say…….interrupts
Son: tell…tell me
Mother: here in this old age home…… we people find cockroaches in our food, fans are not working, sometimes we lived without water, we are unable to bend our knee but we just slept on the floor…………………interrupts
Son: *Cries silently* till now why don’t you say all these things to me ?.
Mother: I don’t want to disturb you. Your children take you as their role model………and they may drove you here…….. I don’t want my son to live in this uncomfortable home *Love*…..so, Sponsor money and make it as good as possible before you take a walk into this home.
Son: Ma…..ma…..Cried a lot. 
                                       *but no hope*
Son: crying ...... saying to himself that *Old age home maybe your next Home*.
Helping hand
    * Life is like a circle what you did to others will definitely surround you. If you think about old age home you will definitely drove back to old age home. 
        I realized that some people are affected with the disease Affluenza. In this story the son cried a lot but no use. No matter what’s the scenario is, His mother didn't left him in an orphanage despite of her burdens; she sacrificed her whole life to lift him up in this society but what he did to his mother? He just offered old age home.  He realized the importance of his mother lately but........you know what happened.  
                                                     So, Do things when time is in your watch. Give them your caring hand as a token of gratitude.
    With Compassionate Heart
      Vinny Evelyn 

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