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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Our INDIA - #Digital INDIA [India holding Digital Umbrella]

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India holding #Digital Umbrella and wearing #Intel cap: 

The winds of #Digital India are spreading across the nation as spring blooms passing from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari to magnify the life of every Indian citizen.
Quality life can touch us as easily as breathing by transforming India into #Digital India
 #Digital India *Gifting new life to every Indian citizen*

Let’s join our hands to calligraph dexterous steps towards #Digital India.                           #Digital India builds a bridge between people and government through E-Governance. So the core part to build #Digital India is E-Governance.
      Government already lit a moment towards the vision of #Digital India by breaking thorny barriers between citizen and Government. 
     Now we are in the era of Digital revolution which can change   social, educational, economic, political, cultural landscape of our country. 
*Let's raise our hands to give support to the vision of  #Digital India*
 In my view, this vision can be fulfilled by joining our hands to strengthen the power of Government to reach the goal.Now technology is at our fingertips but if the people don't now how to use it; then where is the success for this vision? Yeah! Wake up! join your hand and take part in the #Digital India Project by educating everyone about our digital India services.  
*The successes of #Digital India vision  depends not only on Government but also on us*
Department of Electronics and Information technology (DeitY), Ministry  of communication and Information technology has taken so many initiatives to rewrite the future of the country by making it empowered society and economy.
 It is good to hear that #Intel India already contributed for national building agenda, #Digital India.   
   #Digital India could make Good Governance forward in letter and spirit. 
Digitizing all Government services make government more responsive, effective, efficient and transparent
Good governance= (More responsive Government +Effective Government +transparent Government) which can be achieved by #Digital India

*Our role to transform vision of #Digital India  into reality:

       The main challenge to make #Digital India live is - Improving digital literacy.           We may not have money to give or some strong contributions, but we have  TIME and INNOVATIVE IDEAS to contribute towards the Country.Just take some time from your watch and educate people around you about the technology and services that are introduced by the government as the part of an initiation and contribution to our country.
 Innovative Ideas and ambitious moves are the shortcuts to reach the vision so, please contribute your ideas to the vision of #Digital India.

*Using Innovative technologies and Digital Litracy

The technology plays a key role in transforming the vision #Digital India into reality.   
When we talk about digitalizing, the core element that comes in our mind is Technology. The word technology is fulfilled by technology major #Intel. 
In the flow of the digital revolution let's embrace each wonderful change in our lives.  
The 20th and 21st centuries have seen a variety of progress that revolutionized the way people live, play and work. *Technology plays a vital role in our modern life*

Technology is related to study, design and development of computer systems and networks which are used for obtaining, processing and distributing data.Modern innovative technology has always been choosing the new route of advancements, upgrading, and modifications to improve its usage.
#Digital India encourages youngsters to step out of their cubicles and allows them to discover new talents in them by digital education.
The chip major #Intel has collaborated with NIELIT and started a course that will be delivered to 15000 people in every state with the aim of skill development in the Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) sector.

In my view  

These are my implementable Ideas towards upgrading technologies
1. Solar enabled Wi-fi  systems
2. Secured technologies like digital signatured fingerprint Lock
3. Using graphical and diagrammatic representation as base for apps [which can help illiterate to understand] 
 4. E-Libraries in Schools
 5. Using innovative processors 
 6.E-Stops                       .
1.Solar enabled Wi-fi  systems: These are the system which can enable internet  everywhere by using solar energy even in remote villages. So everyone could use the services.
 2.E-Libraries in Schools: By introducing E libraries in schools we can educate every child and make them step towards the technological intelligence.
3.Digital signatured fingerprint Lock: This system gives security for every citizen for their digital documents and certificates. In this technology, we don't use passwords we are going to use fingerprints to enter into our citizenship account.
4. Using graphical and diagrammatic representation: If we use graphical and diagrammatic representation as base for apps [which can help illiterate to understand]. English words may not be understood by illiterate, but it is easy to follow graphical representations. 
5.Affordable systems: Making Softwares and smartphones in affordable cost so, they can be used by everyone and every service can be used by every citizen.
6.E- stops: these are the stations in each village which can help people to use all the digital services.
Technology must reach every citizen in the country so it should be,
                     Affordable, Secured and Faster.                                          
          The main challenge to make #Digital India live is Improving digital literacy.
The main challenge before #Digital India is improving technological skills in people for efficient serving of the every citizen in the country.
#Intel has chosen this main challenge on the part of its contribution to #Digital India.
#Intel has chosen two ultimate wings areas,
                        SKILL DEVELOPMENT and INNOVATION      

Rapid advancement in Information and communication technology (ICT) made the vision of digital India into reality. These are the some Initiative steps from DietY,  

Steps by #Intel India towards the vision of  #Digital India
1.The chip major #Intel has collaborated with NIELIT to catapult E- Governance, Innovation and to boost inclusive growth in the country.
2.To accelerate the Digital literacy in India, #Intel India along with NASSCOM launched the National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) in 2012.
I know writing all these things is easy but what I want to tell you is we have to educate every child with technological intelligence from their childhood to get innovative thoughts

Now technology is aligned with the society:    

 Vast panoramas of services open up as the cursor moves on our Laptop and also with a single touch on our smartphone. Everything in our lives is surrounded and running with technology, it may be application procedures, Education, business and even shopping now, E-governance. 
                    I strongly believe that with the effort of government and with the support of every citizen, E-governance along with TECHNOLOGY can highly boost the vision of #Digital India in letter and spirit.                                                 
           "By this I conclude that TECHNOLOGY plays major part in transforming India to #Digital India."         Thank you for Reading.... :) :) 

Much Love to India for Initiating#Digital India and Loads of thanks to  #Intel India for its support to  #Digital India   


1.In this article, every word is dropped from my Pen.
2.I'm dedicating this article to "Indian Government" and "Intel India" (http://www.intel.in/)
         Every photo collage is made by me and every quote is written by me.
With Digital swing
Vinny Evelyn


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